Brentwood Missing Teen; May Be in Redding California


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Taylor Henry is a fifteen year old Brentwood teen who has been missing since September 4th.  According to Debbie Young, Taylor’s mother, her daughter ran away with her boyfriend Jayme Fitch and may be in danger.

On the morning of September 4th, Young drove her daughter to Liberty High School.  Taylor has been involved in 4-H, she loves to draw and has a great group of friends.  “We were completely clueless when we received the phone call,” said Young. “One of Taylor’s friends called me that day from school and told me Taylor was leaving school to run away with her boyfriend.” She was last seen at Liberty High School, in Brentwood at 11:00 am.

An Amber Alert was not issued because the 15 year-old left voluntarily. Young believes that this should not hinder people from searching for her.  “She’s a fifteen year old child,” she says.  “She doesn’t have the maturity of an adult to make that decision.”  Young continues, “She is young, vulnerable and has been manipulated.”

Young filed a missing person’s report with the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department.  She also filed a missing person’s case with National Missing Children.

Young stated that Taylor started dating Jayme Fitch in May.  Fitch lived with his grandmother across the street from Taylor’s father’s home in Antioch.  When her boyfriend announced he and his grandmother were moving to Redding to be with his mother, Taylor was very upset, but her family did not expect the teen to run away with them.

When Young rushed home, her daughter’s room was cleaned out.  Jayme Fitch’s grandmother had rented a Budget moving truck.

According to Young, Jayme Fitch ran away from foster care to live with his Grandmother.  He moved in with her shortly before Taylor began dating him. Young has received information from a private investigator that makes her concerned for the safety of her daughter. “I’m extremely worried about her safety,” she said.

According to Young, Jayme Fitch has texted Taylor’s father letting her know Taylor is with him.  Their exact whereabouts are unknown.  Debbie Young and several other members of Taylor’s family have been driving over four hours to look for their daughter in Redding, California.  She believes they are with Jayme’s mother, Brandy Spencer and Linda Emerson.

Young wants people to know, “It is illegal to harbor a missing person.”  She doesn’t know how someone could do this.  Young has a few words for Brandy Spencer.  “I want my daughter back,” she said.  “Take her to the police department, the library or have her call me.”

Taylor Henry is missed by her mother, father, stepfather, sisters, nephew and friends.

“She is a living doll,” said her mother. “I want my daughter to come home,” said Young.  “I want her to have a normal life where she doesn’t have to hide.”  She added, “We love her and miss her and want her home.”

She is 5’1” tall, weighs 105 lbs., and has blue eyes and auburn red hair. If you have any information contact Detective Parenti with the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department at (925) 646-2441 or Private Investigator Denise Savastano at (951) 544-5180.

Debbie Young also encourages people to visit: BRING Taylor HOME on Facebook:!/COMEHOMETAYTAY?fref=ts.  She asks that people share this page on their wall and with their friends to help find her daughter.



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  1. This is exactly what you get when you allow your children to have inappropriate relationships at such a young age. I hope she makes it home safe!

    • Apparently you don’t have teenagers, eastbaygirl, nor have you been one. Teens often have a single focus at any particular time. Many times it is not the best thing, though they don’t see it that way. It is a difficult time for the teen(s) and parents because decisions are made by the teen without thought of the “what ifs”. The parents are constantly thinking about the “what ifs” because they’ve been teens and have the experience under their belts to know the possibilities. Parents are naturally protective and teens see that as butting in.

    • No, this is exactly what you get when your daughter gets to the age in which shes confused about what to do.; she was in love so she let it take her but she will be back.

  2. eastbaygirl, at 15, it is almost impossible to control who your child spends his or her time with. We cannot follow them around school. Your comment is fingerpointing,, which at this time is not helpful. My heart aches for her parents, it must be horrible. .

  3. I know and love this family you can not sit her and point the finger at her family she is 15 she is gonna talk to who ever it is she want with or without her parents knowing this is not needed at all we just want her home safe

  4. no doubt we all have a different opinions of what the parents should be in control of…respect, ethics and tranditions are not enforced any longer in most families, they have been lost…it is likely there are issues at home..or she would never want to run away…good luck..

  5. There better be FAT charges brought against the boy’s family. Regardless if she wanted to leave or not, shes 15, they abducted her from her home. As a father I would not even begin to know what to do in this situation. I just hope she makes it home safe, my heart goes out to the parents and family of this girl.

  6. I hope she gos home with her family Finish school … If he loves her he will wait I did this to my mom and wished I never did didn’t finish high school can’t get a very good job and have my kids I wish I could have done alot better for my kids if u see this TRUST ME he will wait not mess up ur life !!!go home and make something of it 🙂 !!

  7. Did the boys rent a uhaul for. The girls things too? Uhaul might be able to help somewhat by knowing where the u haul was returned to (to verify if it was returned in Redding) . Hopefully they can verify the boys moms location and the police can pock her up and return her home safely.

  8. Sorry I meant the boys grandmother. The trucking company would have record of where the u haul was returned.
    And this is a flaw in Amber Alert system.. runaways should be included on them. Shes still a minor in danger.

  9. Every family has issues especially when raising a teenager i know this family and am very close to them all they want is there daughter sister auntie home safe why all the negative comments bashing the parents

  10. There were no issues at home. Taylor is loved very much. If anyone has seen the pictures on facebook they would know this. Taylor couldn’t stand the fact that her boyfriend was leaving so she went too. I am her mother and Taylor is a good girl. She has lured away from us. Thanks to all for the positive post dont care about the negative people.

    • Prayers to you Debbie and the safe return of your daughter. I ran away with a 24 year old when I was 14. I will forever regret that decision because it hurt my parents so bad. Young and naïve… You’re doing everything you can now and you will find her. Be well..

  11. Just so everyone knows “jayme” is a female her real name is Jenny. I went to high school with her.

  12. So sad but what is said in this message is so true. It is not illegal for a child to run away and law enforcement will not look for voluntary runaways. However, it is illegal to harbor a runaway and should she be found with these people they will be prosecuted as long as the runaways parents want to press charges. Only thing is the burden of finding the runaway is completely up to the parents and/or friends. Doesn’t seem right but that the law!

    • I went through this very same experience with my daughter; Even went so far as to talk to the FBI as we had proof of illegal internet activity. My daughter’s boyfriend was 19 at the time and she was barely 17. NO ONE helped us. His parents helped harbor her, and the police in the state she ended up in told us to leave her alone as she seemed happy, they even went so far as to take the apb off of the system despite it being issued from another state with different laws. You are correct it is not illegal to be a runaway. It is a tremendous heartbreak to go through this. NO MATTER HOW VIGILANT A PARENT you are, a teen can always find a way to get around it. I should know.Even the BEST of children can surprise you with what they will do for ‘love’. My heart goes out to her family. I wish them all the best as they go through this tragedy and heartbreak. May their situation turn out better than mine did.

  13. ******Excuse me that is my cousin so all you u can keep your rude and smug opions to yourself! i am willing to bet it you were in the same situation you would sure not be throwing the stone that you are now!!!!!!!****

  14. People with negative comments are idiots who most likely never raised a teenager. She thinks she loves this boy and will do anything to be with him. It has nothing to do with parenting and everything to do with a teen acting irrationally.

    • Angie,

      It is my personal experience that this has everything to do with parenting. (Yes, I also have teenagers).
      Argue all you want, but people raise their children with a wide spectrum of discipline, expectation and standards. When parents instill (teach) their children respect and values, this situationi s less likely to happen.

      My kids know that if they pulled this stunt they would not be welcome back in my house, ever again. Tough love? You decide. My kids respect our family, our home and each other. No tattoos, no piercings, no inappropriate dressing. “Thems the rules”.

      They also know they are my children, NOT my friends.

  15. Tim if you think for one minute that your teenagers do everything you tell them to then your an idiot. You sound like my parents who gave us tough love and the same rules you did..No tattoos?! Funny I respect my parents but when I turned 18 and got a tattoo and I dont regret it 10 years later…no inappropriate dressing…wait til they go to college…Your comments are so ignorant and the point of this story is a young teenager is MISSING and her parents want her home. SHAME on you for saying anything other than somehting that is supportive of her safe return.

    • When I first looked at the picture I new he was a girl. As a mother of a 16 yr old it is hard to be a parent. I showed my daughter the picture and right off the bat she new Jayme was a girl. I’m thinking your daughter is very scared but in love. Not sure what her home is like but you need to open up your eyes and except her for who she is in love with. My daughter has friends that are gay and we love them as a person. Not in your shows, but shes still your lovely daughter.

      • Agreed, I knew also it was a girl. She must have felt she wouldn’t be accepted. I do Pray she goes home. The streets aren’t for the young. To many dangers.

  16. I shared it in louisiana and i really hope you find her. I’m a 15 year old girl and i know how it works but everyones different. Dont worry she will come back/

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