Brentwood Mayor to Buy Military Flags for City Council Chambers


On Tuesday, the Brentwood City Council agreed to allow Brentwood Mayor Bob Taylor to purchase military flags for display in the City Council Chambers.

The six flags, one for each branch of the military and one POW/MIA flag, would be placed in between the United States flag and State of California flag.

The move comes after the December 13, 2016 meeting where the Brentwood’s Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10789 (VFW) loaned the City their military flags for use during the swearing in ceremony for the City Council. After that meeting, Mayor Taylor stated he would like to purchase a complete set of military flags with his own funds to be placed in the City Council.

Based on city code, the mayor needed council approval for the flags to be placed in the council chambers.

Councilwoman Karen Rarey asked about flag etiquette and how it would work.

Taylor stated he planned to work with Steve Todd of the Brentwood VFW to have the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines to station the flags in the proper way.

“It’s going to be done very militarily and not Bob Taylor coming up here putting up flags.  They will know and will put them all up here in order,” explained Taylor.

The council voted to support the Mayors plan.



  1. While a noble effort, Bob Taylor sure knows how to “pander”. It’s just too bad that is all he knows how to do. Years of selling whiskey taught him well. It’s a shame that he has so many people in Brentwood buffaloed, because the reality is as a Mayor, he is clueless. Unfortunately the city suffers as a result. Pirate outfits, clown costumes and turkey suits do not make a good leader. A sharp mind is more important and that is beyond Taylor’s skill set. Sorry but it is the truth.

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