Brentwood: Man Dies After Fall From Roof


At 4:58 pm Wednesday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of an elderly male who fell from a rooftop of a home on Beatrice Street in the City of Brentwood.

While responding, it was reported that CPR instructions were being provided and a medical helicopter was requested. Shortly after arriving on scene, it was determined the male was deceased and the medical helicopter was cancelled.

Brentwood Police are currently investigating the incident. No further details were provided.


  1. So sad. My fathers best friend was blind in one eye and was a high rise steel worker. He retired and fell off his roof cleaning gutters and died. Guess you never know when. RIP

  2. We’re having a hard time convincing my 85 yr old stepdad he’s too old to be on the roof.

  3. I’ve been a carpenter all my life I spent most of those years up on roofs, up ladders, scaffolds and lifts, in my late 50’s I started thinking about all the stories of older people falling and not just from up high and I decided that high work is a younger mans game and just stopped doing anything except super safe tasks where I could get hurt or worse from a fall. This is an all too frequent tragedy and I urge all you ‘older guys’ to leave the high work to the young men it’s just not safe for old timers. My condolences to the family.

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