Brentwood Man Arrested After Threatening to Shoot Someone at Veterans Park


On April 19 at approximately 6:20pm, Officers responded to Veteran’s Park on the report of a man with a gun threatening to shoot someone.

Officers arrived within minutes and located the suspect identified as, Tyler Covington, 20 year old Brentwood resident. Officers quickly detained and subsequently arrested Covington without incident. A loaded firearm was recovered from his person. The investigation revealed Covington did in fact threaten another park goer prior to police arrival. Covington was booked into Martinez Detention Facility on several felony charges.

The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office recently filed several charges against Covington in this case.

Special thanks to several alert citizen’s for immediately notifying police dispatch as this situation unfolded. This also serves as a gentle reminder that if you see something, say something

Contact Brentwood Police Dispatch non-emergency number at (925) 809-7911 or dial 911.


  1. I used to walk my dogs at veterans park every morning. In Kalifornia you can’t carry a firearm unless you have a CCP. Which is not easy to get. The bad guys don’t care about laws. We are glad to be out of the infested State. We can open carry in our new home state but the crime rate is very low and we feel very safe here. Maybe the crime rate is low here is because almost everybody carry’s here. Including me and my Wife.

  2. To Bye, a lot of intelligent tax paying adults are leaving that god forsaken State that is being run into the ground by a bunch of morons that think they know what the people want. We moved to the beautiful state of Idaho. It is a conservative state and there are some of the mental disorder liberals that want to turn this state into Kalifornia. They are the ones that are really not welcome here. Most people here are hard working and honest.

    • Yet you still feel the need to read and comment on a community web site that is in a state where you no longer live. Lol. Maybe you can take up farming or bird watching, there must be something for you kill the boredom out there.

  3. We loved living in Brentwood. Great town and we miss it. It is just to bad that it is being overtaken by the thugs of the east bay. And the State is run by Moonbeam and his pals. Not where we live is perfect, but our doors are rarely locked.

  4. If some one threatened to shoot some one here, The bad guy would be shot first. Not many problems like that here.

  5. 3 of my neighbors have already moved or are planning to move to Meridian, Idaho. It looks like a nice place to settle down. If Newsome wins, we’re out of here too. Californian will never come back if another Dumbocrap is running this state.

  6. Section 8 will ruin Brentwood next, its already happening. With the Bart extentsion it will only get worse, open your eyes people!

  7. It’s funny how all these comments cl sound Marxist, how the proletariat is being squeezed out of beautiful state. No more middle class, just the owners and peasants will be left in a few decades.

    • Thus Socialism will set in like a cancer. It will spread slowly into our democracy and overtake it unless the voters take back California. The cancer of socialism must stop now by voting out those who abuse the public. The middle class needs to stand and participate.

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