Brentwood Farmers Market Returns Saturday March 3


The Brentwood Farmers Market returns Saturday March 3 and will run every Saturday through November 17. The farmers market will be held between 8:00 am to 12:00 pm in Downtown Brentwood.

The market offers a taste of the Best of Brentwood with fresh seasonal produce from cherries in the spring, peaches in early summer, and tomatoes and corn in late summer. All of it just-picked and brought to the market by the farmers themselves for you and family.

This month you’ll find leeks, spring lettuce, peas, and more are filling farmer’s booths in all their green goodness. Best of all, long-awaited, earthy asparagus is appearing! Though asparagus is only around for a few precious months, the spears of March are a delicious treat that signals spring has arrived. Go get some wonderful greens this month at your farmers’ market.

Featured Producers

  • First Generation Farmers: Out of Knightsen, they offer a great variety of vegetables like greens of all kinds, onions, carrots, and all the basics. Be sure to check out their kids’ activity booth as well.
  • Cecchini & Cecchini Farms: Great tasting asparagus from Discovery Bay. Be sure to grab a bundle or two while you are the market for opening day because asparagus season doesn’t last long.
  • Rodriguez Farms: Sweet spring strawberries from Watsonville. These are some of the best around and they’re organic, too!
  • Shelly’s Farm Fresh Eggs: Delicious eggs from free-range chickens. The flavor is amazing, the yolks bright yellow, and the shells colorful. Talk to her about her “girls” and how they’re raised responsibly and humanely.
  • Beckmann’s Old World Bakery: Some of the best tasting breads, pastries, and desserts.  Be sure to try out their savory breads such as sourdough or rye. They also have a wide variety of pies and pastries that are delicious. Look for their famous hot cross buns, too.

 About the Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association

The Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association (PCFMA) is not-for-profit organization that operates and promotes farmers’ markets in the San Francisco Bay Area. PCFMA is driven by its mission to serve California’s small farmers by creating and sustaining economic opportunities through these farmers’ markets.