Brentwood: 4 Arrested for Mail Theft in Deer Ridge, 24 Victims Identified


On July 8, the Brentwood Police Department responded to the Deer Ridge neighborhood for a report of suspicious activity.

Police arrived at Foothill Drive and Saint Andrews Drive where they located four suspects who were later arrested and booked at the Martinez Detention Facility for mail theft and various other charges:

  • Justin Hernandez, 31 yr old Oroville resident – Charged with identity/mail theft, unlawful possession of narcotics and probation violation
  • Samantha Wheaton, 22 yr old Oakley resident – Charged with unlawful possession of narcotics, possession of burglary tools (shaved keys), and identity/mail theft
  • Robert Williams, 39 yr old Antioch resident – Charged with misappropriation of lost property, burglary tools (shaved keys), and identity/mail theft
  • Cody Wilson, 22 yr old Pittsburg resident – Charged with unlawful possession of narcotics, possession of burglary tools (shaved keys), identity/mail theft, and he had two outstanding arrest warrants

Brentwood Police Lieutenant Walter O’Grodnick, he credited an alert resident who spotted a suspicious behavior.

“It was exactly that. A vigilant resident spotted a suspicious person in their neighborhood so they called the police. Our officers quickly responded and located a suspicious vehicle leaving the area. The vehicle was stopped and the above suspects were contacted. A search of the vehicle revealed narcotics, burglary tools, and several articles of mail –approximately 54 pieces, identified approximately 24 victims,” said O’Grodnick.



  1. This is the very reason I don’t have anything delivered to my house. I have a P O box and my mail is secure. They deliver packages there as well. We have to be vigilant.

    • Junk mail and DMV correspondence. You are kidding yourself if you think you are immune to being effected by mail theft. Try as you may, personal information still has a way of showing up in the mail box.

  2. DMV – I get my tags in person at the DMV. Anything important comes to my office – I’m self employed, and I’m there all day. Nobody can steal my mail at the office. There’s nobody there to steal it – no shaved key activity.

    NOTHING but junk comes to our home. You don’t live there.

  3. I took my mail box down. There is no place for the postman to put anything. No junk mail.. nothing!

  4. If there is not an official mailbox at an address, a US mail carrier may leave any mail at their ‘best guess’ delivery position. That could be at your front door, at a “common entry door” or some other place.

    It’s best to check with your mail carrier to make sure any mail addressed to you is not being placed somewhere you don’t wish.

  5. No mail is delivered to my front door or any door, for that matter … I have a locked gate so they can’t get to my front door. They’d have to climb the fence to get to any other part of the property. Haven’t gotten junk mail in years! Love it!

  6. Of course, none of these scumbag hooligan thugs are from Brentwood. Good job to the vigilant resident who noticed suspicious behavior. I wish we could just shoot these hoodlums and save taxpayer money. Moonbeam is just going to let them out so they can continue their life of crime.

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