Brentwood: 29-Year-Old Man Arrested on Suspicion of Killing Mother


The Brentwood Police Department is investigating a homicide that occurred on Torrington Drive where they say a 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of killing his mother.

According to Captain Doug Silva, police were first sent to Chaucer Drive around 10:30 am to investigate a series of attempted car burglaries and possible residential burglary that was interrupted. When police arrived, police contacted Matthew Redmond, 29 of Brentwood, and detained him.

“As part of the detention, officers decided they needed to do a welfare check on his mother who when police arrived in the home on Torrington Drive, she was found dead in the bathroom,” explained Silva. “Redmond is currently being transported to county jail on charges of murdering his mother.”

The victim was identified as Marta Redmond, 54, who according to Silva, appears to be the victim of a violent assault.

This was the first homicide in Brentwood since a double homicide occurred in June of 2017.



    • im in utter shock…..this is so far from anything i would ever believe about matt..he was the sweetest

        • Ummm apparently you didn’t know him and can kindly shut it. Drugs fuck people up, but anyone who knows Matty knows how much he loved and cherished his mom. This is a tragedy for ALL involved

          • So he loved his mom and he killed her? Makes perfect sense! His moms blood was found all over him stupid ass! And no ” drugs dont fuck people up”, they dont fuck me up, because Im smart enough and strong enough to stay away from drugs. Drugs are for weak minds dikheads like you. Now run along dummy.

      • Matt wasn’t sweet . He in fact was a drug addict who would use crack and cocaine constantly

  1. I’ve known him since he was born. He was always a very sweet kid. Please stop with judgements. We don’t even know yet what happened or if he is the person who did it. Spend your energy sending positive thoughts and prayers to this family.

    • You go Katie! Only positive thoughts to the family during this terrible tragedy. Y’all lay off this kid. It’s a tough subject no matter what.

      • Sounds like alot of people making excuses for this guy. Maybe if he got some tough love as a kid, instead of people babying him, this wouldnt have happened. Funny how none of you can explain how he got blood allover himself, yet he never called the cops. Come on lets here how thats possible.

  2. This is heartbreaking Marta was a very kind person instead of focusing on blame maybe focusing on the loss of a great woman and mother would be appropriate… condolences go out to Tracy and his family.

    • I might be a little late but I’ll put my two cents in anyway. It sounds to me like you kids are just to imature to make a decent comment. None of you know what happened. A ND the way you talk to each other is just funny. Threat’s of violence. If you were as bad ass as you pretend to be, you wouldn’t be here talking about it. Grow up.

  3. Yes stop all this non sense because no body knows what really happened God bless this family if we humans could only make this world a better place all this won’t be happening sad sad

  4. May God bless her family.. Please there is no reason for name calling, I thought kid’s act like this not adults.. We all need to learn to get along stop all of this nonsense..

  5. Yes prayers are needed not pointing fingers, when u don’t know anything about the case at all. The only thing I can’t seem to understand is why is it all of the people who know him but one have already accepted that he is the killer. I mean if this was my loved one and someone I knew wasn’t capable of something so horrific, I don’t care how much blood they found on him, I would know there had to more to it n not be so quick to believe it was him. He couldn’t have been that great or sweet of a guy.

    • So blood on him, him not calling the cops, him breaking into cars, etc….not any of that means anything right? Wtf planet are you on???

  6. All you judgmental pricks should die, in my opinion. You talk a lot of crap, without knowing all the facts. I would gladly like to meet you mfrs, so I could teach you a lesson. True Americans you are, guilty until proven innocent. Oh yeah and you are so weak minded and stupid that you only listen to what the media says. Idiots!!

    • Careful what you wish for tough guy. There are people out here who dont have any fear of having a meeting with you, believe that! Something for your stupid ass to think about since you posted your name Aaron Hiebert and iinformation about you can be found easily online I would think twice before you wish ill will on someones kid or parent, like you stated above. Now STFU and and go back to smoking that crack, before you get yourself in over your head!

      And for the record dumb fuck, some of us know cops that were at the scene of this murder and we just might have a little more info then what the media is sharing.

  7. man all yall ,not all but most of yall haven’t got nothing better to do than to cap all this crap about dude ive sgruggled with addiction mu whole life pissed off Everyone around me for 45 years I know the pain of what addiction can do I wish all you nay sayers would take your insults some where else and leave my friends family be you have no honor class or integraty those are madates of br a descent respectable individual not an option lighten the load forgiveness will set you free as well my prayers ate with all of you whom feel the overwellming urge to be so negative and need the attention of social media to tell how much of a FUCKING PIECE of SHIT you really are go some where else Dickheaded Scrotum Lipped Panty Waste Mutherfuckers good night

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