Brentwood: 17 Vehicles Burglarized at Hampton Inn

Photo by Alyssa Madden

The Brentwood Police Department are investigating a total of 17 vehicle break-ins that occurred Friday morning around 4:00 am at the Hampton Inn (7605 Brentwood Blvd) in Brentwood.

Officers responded to investigate a vehicle burglary after an overnight guest discovered their vehicle had been broken into. When officers arrived and canvassed the scene they discovered a total of 17 vehicles were compromised, primarily window breaks. It was apparent the break-ins occurred overnight.

Police did recover physical evidence from the scene but did not release details.

“Miscellaneous property was taken. Hours later, an overnight guest reported their vehicle stolen from the parking lot. That stolen vehicle was later reported to be involved in a string of auto burglaries that occurred in Livermore (on 07/21) after our incident,” said Police Lieutenant Walter O’Grodnick.

Police said they have no suspect information as of Saturday, but will communicate closely with Livermore Police to see if they developed any leads during their investigation.



  1. There’s not a lot you can do about stolen vehicles – you have to park your car. But you can make yourself less of a target by not leaving anything in your vehicle, valuable or not.

  2. Hampton Inn should employ some security people to peruse the parking lot or stall a gated parking lot.

  3. Hampton Inn should employ some Robocops to peruse the parking lot and launch rockets and cannon fire at anything wrong occurring in their parking lot.

  4. Yes, Hampton Inn needs to add 24 hr security to their parking lot. It’s sad that it’s come to this, but bad people go into good neighborhoods. They’re certainly not going to rob from the scumbac cities they live in. A 50 foot wall between Brentwood and Antioch would be nice. Of course, make Antioch pay for it!

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