Bomb Squad Called to Brentwood Police Station After Discovery of Suspicious Packages


Just after 5:00 pm Tuesday, the Brentwood Police Department noticed two suspicious packages sitting in front of the police station on Guthrie Lane near Brentwood Blvd.

The packages were suspicious in nature and police immediately blocked off the road and ensured neighboring businesses were evacuated–meanwhile, police contacted the Walnut Creek Police Department bomb squad for a response.

“It was enough for us to take every precaution,” stated Brentwood Police Lieutenant Walter O’Grodnick. “The size and the fact that there were two devices and where they were at, once we discovered these devices were out there we immediately cordoned off the area and evacuated businesses in the 9100 block (across from PD) and initiated a call to Walnut Creek Bomb squad.”

Chief Tom Hansen with Lt. Walter O’Grodnick

Walnut Creek Bomb Squad deployed their robot while Brentwood police operations were still going on around the city with dispatch remaining open. The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District and AMR also responded as a precaution.

After about 4-hours, it was determined to be a false alarm as both packages were empty. No injuries occurred during the incident.

Police speculate that due to the location of the devices being in the safe zone drop off area, two devices were inadvertently left behind during an exchange.