BART to Antioch Reaches One-Millionth Rider Milestone

Press Release


The BART to Antioch extension carried its one-millionth rider this week, just five months after the debut of the new service in East Contra Costa County.


The milestone was reached on Halloween. By the end of service on Wednesday, October 31, 2018, the BART to Antioch extension had logged 1,001,429 riders since its opening on May 26, 2018.


“From the very first week of service, BART to Antioch has exceeded ridership expectations”, says BART Director Joel Keller, who serves East Contra Costa County and is among the local leaders who were instrumental in getting the extension built. “It has proven to be an incredible, state-of-the-art commute option for residents in the region, carrying as many people as an additional lane on Highway 4.”


The average ridership for BART to Antioch’s first full month of service in June was 7,895 each weekday. It grew to 8,622 in October.


The extension runs along the Highway 4 median between the Pittsburg/Bay Point Station and Antioch. It is 10 miles long, and added two new stations, Pittsburg Center Station and Antioch Station.


The tremendous success of the extension has pushed demand for parking at the Antioch Station beyond the available space. To address this need, BART announced last month plans to nearly double the number of spaces in Antioch with full funding for the $16.4 million project identified and a new parking lot expected to open in fall of 2020.


Information provided by Bay Area Rapid Transit


  1. So if the cheapest ticket is $5 roundtrip Bart has generated at least $5 mil. Just by finally getting this extension done. I hope that this is enough for the almighty Bart bosses to realize that they have something worth investing in out here instead of short changing us. All I have heard lately is that it’s too expensive for this, not enough taxes generated from the area for that. Cheap cheap cheap. When, in a few months EBart is already reaching the target/ projected ridership they calculated for year 2021 (heard from a man I work with who’s wife is a Bart executive) it’s a clear sign to me that this line needs more attention ($) to accommodate more riders; it’s a cash cow out here. And 300 parking spaces isn’t even going to make a dent in meeting our needs. I completely disagree with the line about how we didn’t pay enough taxes because taxes are meant to help the greater good. That means that while all of our taxes went to fund other areas for years, it’s time to pay it forward/ back and put tax money from other areas (San Jose getting real Bart) into this area. It’s regional- the entire region- so we shouldn’t be getting short changed just because we don’t have the population density of other more Western parts of the Bart sphere. We have the longest commutes, folks living out here, I think trying to improve people’s qualities of lives all the way out here (who likes a 5-6 hour roundtrip commute?) should be at the top of Bart’s priority list. I understand it’s not an open checkbook because I was just about to say that new, QUIET (real) Bart cars would be nice too. I hate having to wear earplugs on the old Bart cars

  2. I still think that companies should have satellite offices located where their employees live so they don’t have to take public transportation and waste all that time and money. In other areas, I’ve seen survey takers interviewing people for such a purpose.

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