BART: Man Arrested After Bike Theft Attempt, Possession of Burglary Tools

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On August 4 at 6:40 pm, a witness reported that a male suspect was attempting to steal a bike at North Concord BART Station. The suspect was unsuccessful, and boarded a train to Pittsburg Station.

The suspect was reportedly in possession of bolt cutters and several knives. Officers detained the man and he admitted that he attempted to steal a bike. Record checks revealed that the man was on probation for theft.

The man was arrested for possession of burglary tools and probation violation. He was booked at the Martinez Detention Facility.



  1. The Concord BART area is notorious for shady characters hanging around harassing people and trying to steal bicycles even if people are riding them. This happens at all times of the day. The parking structure area is one to avoid, if one can.

  2. I hate that BART station! There are always suspicious-looking people loitering and getting in trouble around there and not INSIDE the station but just outside of it. The Concord cops should monitor that area closely. I’ve seen some of these thugs pull knives and try to steal bicycles from right under the person riding it. They also hang out at that large parking lot in that strip mall with the questionable businesses! I avoid that place like the plague, if I can. Carry some sort of thing with which you can protect yourself.

  3. There is no strip mall with questionable businesses at North Concord BART. That’s Concord BART. North Concord BART/Martinez is newer and cleaner than most BART stations – but there’s crime at all BART.

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