Aug. 27 – Sept. 1: Delta Fishing Report


Here is a look at the Delta Fishing Report for August 27-September 1 on the California Delta by Dan’s Delta Outdoors.

With Big Heat forecast the next few days, the salmon are still trickling into the area.   The Warm evening temps temps should continue to keep the Catfish bite the bite rolling. Mackeral and Sardines are the best here. Still the Smallmouth continue biting to help you beat the  summer doldrums .  Scroungers tipped with flukes and DDO crank are good choices here for the hard fighting smallies.


Walnut Grove
Bank anglers using worms and cut baits prevail  for those searching for Whiskerfish. The Sacramento Turning Basin is still decent here as there continues to be stripes caught there by lure tossers. Spoons and small shad patterns are the top choices here as well..  Few More Salmon reports in the area as anglers recover still around as temperatures return more. Best area has been Courtland to Walnut grove.


Discovery Bay
Catfish Kevin still racking up the Whiskerfish to 10 pounds. Fishing whole anchovies on sliding sinker rigs is key. Crankbaits and Chatterbaits are scoring bass on the main runway rock walls. Bass pushing the 4 to 6 mark are showing on occasion Bladed Jigs and swim jigs are the best for numbers .


Franks Tract
Decent action for Bethel Island residents and Visitors. Panfish are plentiful Red Worms leading the charge, Plenty of 2 to 4 pound Catfish on various cut baits are keeping the bells a ringing. Black Bass Anglers punching and swim jigs lead the way. Check Out DDO jr angler Tyler with his punched beauty.


West Delta
Anglers in search of stripers are finding the bite to be decent but still those who stick with it are getting small keepers on occasion from both boat and bank. From as far west as Honker Bay to the Broad Slough and Antioch pier persistent bait dunkers with Anchovies and Sardines ae finding fun action. Salmon? Still a trickling in..A few reports of Salmon grabbing Mepp’s and DDO spinners. Still not great yet.    Bass Bite stays solid in the Break and surrounding  cuts.


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