Attorney General Candidate Applauds Federal Government’s Lawsuit Against California



California – Retired Judge Steven Bailey, a Republican candidate for Attorney General, responds to the filing of a federal lawsuit against the State of California over ‘sanctuary state’ laws. 
“I have been saying since day one that these laws are unconstitutional and endanger public safety,” said Judge Steven Bailey. “Sanctuary laws only protect dangerous criminals and we should not be handicapping first responders’ efforts to keep our communities safe.” “The Constitution is very clear: Congress and the executive branch have the power to set and enforce immigration policies. California cannot nullify federal immigration law,” explained Bailey. “It is about time the federal government acts to bring California into compliance with federal law.”


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  1. “…Sanctuary state laws only protect dangerous criminals”

    There you have it folks, that small phrase right there shows the mans whole ideal and lack of an argument. I guess every single woman and child is a dangerous criminal and isn’t looking for a better life. They just creep in the shadows waiting to steal your pocketbook! What is this, 1920’s immigrant rhetoric? Funny how 100 years ago this guy Bailey’s family was being told the same thing being from Ireland or Scotland that they were good-for-nothing immigrants…

    • People from Ireland or Scotland came here LEGALLY. You couldn’t get through Ellis Island (where Europeans entered) illegally.

      • Sneaking into this country without going through the proper documentation channels IS a crime! All of those who did that must be returned from the countries from which they came.

        • We should ask the Wampanoag about the immigrants on the Mayflower and if they came here legally. Basically any white person on this continent came here ILLEGALLY because there were millions of natives here in the first place whose sovereignty was illegally destroyed. Ignorant Americans love the narrative that we fled from England from persecution and came here unwelcomed but when others do this it’s against the rules. I’m sure all of you support the history of slavery too then since they came here “legally” even if it was against their will. Funny how you blue collar folks are the only ones who care about “illegals” while the rich at the top laugh at this deliberate class warfare.

      • Federal laws “trump” all state laws and where did these “sanctuary” laws appear on any ballot for us to vote on?

      • SB 54 should have been tagged as BS 54! There is no such thing as a “sanctuary” city or state because the feds can just waltz in here and go anywhere they want and nobody will stop them! Think RUBY RIDGE and WACO!

  2. Dimitri, you on the other hand seem to always say nothing intelligent and use dozens of words.

    That makes you the bigger fool.

    It’s simple stupid. Illegal immigrants are law breakers. Those that harbor them are aiding and abetting. Both are illegal acts. Educate yourself.

    • Actually, currently there over 50,000 undocumented immigrants from Ireland on the east coast as it is. So enlighten me, what’s the big fuss with these immigrants? Did they cause the financial crisis of 2008? Did they start the never ending war in the Middle East? Are they bankrupting Social Security? NO, those are American born problems and the crime rhetoric is unfounded while the majority of domestic terrorists are American born.
      They stimulate the economy and are employed in multiple sectors including agriculture, construction, services, trades, etc. and are employed by the rich in this country by the millions.

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