Assemblymember Thurmond Introduces Resolution Urging Congressional Censure of President Trump

Press Release


Thurmond resolution calls upon other state legislatures to follow suit by urging Congress to censure President Trump, following the President’s divisive response to events at Charlottesville

Sacramento, CA – Assemblymember Tony Thurmond introduced a resolution in the California State Assembly today supporting the United States Congress’ efforts to censure President Donald Trump over his divisive response to the events in Charlottesville, VA.  If the resolution passes, California will be the first state to support the censure of the President.

“President Trump failed California and the United States in his response to the horrific act of terrorism that killed Heather Heyer and injured many others,” said Thurmond. “His equivocation of neo-Nazis and white supremacists with counter-protesters does not represent the moral leadership that Californians of all races, religions, and identities seek from their President. As leader of the free world, the President is best suited to bring people together. In legitimizing groups like the KKK and neo-Nazis whose only association is with terror, hate, and death, the President has emboldened those who seek to divide us and inject fear into our communities. I call upon Congress to censure the President and demand that the President apologize for his racist and bigoted behavior.”

Last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi endorsed a censure of the President by Congress. A censure is a formal condemnation or statement of disapproval from Congress and usually precedes impeachment. Yesterday, House Majority Leader Paul Ryan called a censure “counterproductive.”

Thurmond’s resolution would implore Congress to move forward with the censure of President Trump and calls on other state legislatures to do the same.


  1. Those congressmen in California who will not support our president must be removed from office.
    He did not support the chaos that took place in Charlottesville and said so in his speech. Public representatives should not be disrespecting the will of the people and the law of the land.

  2. I’m black and I am completely comfortable and saw absolutely NOTHING wrong with Trump’s first or second statement regarding Charlottesville.

    Until those monuments can come back to life and threaten my freedom as a American I don’t have a problem with them staying where they are. Tearing them down doesn’t erase history. It only makes us ignorant of the past. These monuments weren’t an issue when Obama was President so why now? It’s because of the reverse racism of the black community that they are targeting Donald Trump who is NO racist.

    I expect this non-sense from the black community of playing the race card especially in situations where there is no evidence of racism because this tactic is taught and encouraged early in life, but, what surprises is the behavior of those who suffer from WGS (white guilt syndrome). For goodness sake, stop feeling guilty for slavery and any other race related hatred that you personally had nothing to do with and please stop supporting Black Lives Matter which is nothing more than a hate group. You are foolishly marching and fighting with people that hate you and it makes you look like idiots!

  3. BTW, if you don’t believe Black Lives Matter is a hate group then I encourage you to Google the recent article “White people, 10 Requests from a Black Lives Matter Leader.”

  4. I live in California and in no way support the government of this God forsaken state. I am a Liberty University alumnus and a Trump supporter, but never will I identify as a Californian.

  5. Black Lives Matter is a hate group, along with Black Panthers, KKK or any other long list of hate groups.

    Also – there is no such thing as “white guilt.” Compassion – yes. But you’re naïve if you really think any white person feels guilty for being white. It’s as asinine as saying rich people feel guilty being rich – all the way to the bank. Or good looking women – all the way to their next advantage.

    WISE UP.

    • My ancestors did not own slaves and arrived on these shores in 1900. Why should I or anyone else feel guilty? There hasn’t be any slavery in this country well over 100 years.

  6. Put me down for I LOVE being white too! EUROPEAN ANCESTRY ROCKS! I don’t think for one minute white people feel guilty about being white. Whites that support Black Lives Matter are the far left, and the far left think everyone is oppressed, including rich, white powerful men. That’s the way they roll. Everyone is a victim. How about personal responsibility – for once in your life.

    • Melanie, once again missing the point. Sure everyone has pride is their ethnicity, but it’s different when you say another population is inferior to you. That’s what this is about. No one in the world thinks rich white men are oppressed.

      • Dmitri, you’re missing the point of social media. Social media is a “let your hair down” activity. You can’t take comments personally – you have to take them with a grain of salt.

        You’re overly sensitive to racism. You have to learn to deal with the hand your were dealt – and rise above it.

        Jews and Asians rose above oppression with EDUCATION. I highly recommend all races glorify education, and not violence.

        Ever wonder why Japanese face very little discrimination, though they did years ago? Look at the culture of the Japanese, as well as the culture of Jews. SUCCESS.

        Take personal responsibility for your own culture, and quit blaming society. When are certain cultures going to out do whites and Asians academically? You can do it – IF YOU TRY.

  7. What communication from the President is Thurmond reviewing that was not made available to the public? I fail to see blaming both protest groups as wrong. Sorry Mr congressman Thurmond, but I saw on multiple networks the protesters’ behavior. Your decision is hate driven. I’m not the only one who sees this clearly.

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