Assemblyman Travis Allen Files Ballot Initiative to Repeal California Gas Tax Increase


This week, Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) filed an initiative to repeal the recently signed $52 billion gas tax and move it to a vote of the California people in 2018.

“In 2010, Jerry Brown said ‘there should be no tax increases without a vote of the people.’ Repealing the gas tax will simply help him keep his promise to California voters,” said Assemblyman Travis Allen.

“With Jerry Brown’s new gas tax, as of November 1st, 2017 every gallon of gas will cost 12 cents more, diesel will cost 20 cents more, and car registration fees will go up as much as $175 for every California driver,” said Travis Allen. “Adding insult to injury, this massive new tax will not build any new roads, and it will do nothing to fix California’s worst in the nation traffic. In fact, Brown’s new gas tax legislation actually has specific language that will reduce lane capacity and increase traffic.”

Despite Californians paying among the highest income taxes, sales taxes, and gas taxes in the nation, Jerry Brown’s new gas tax raises the tax on fuel by 67%  — from $.18 per gallon to $.30 per gallon. It will also raise annual vehicle registration fees for working families by up to a $175. Commercial vehicles are hit even harder, with the taxes on diesel spiking from 20 cents to 36 cents a gallon, and diesel sales tax jumping from 1.75 percent to 5.75 percent. And beginning in 2020, even hybrid and electric cars will be socked with $100 a year fee.

The ballot initiative was filed this morning with the California Attorney General’s office and will repeal the recently enacted SB 1 in its entirety. Under California law, the Attorney General has 65 days to write a title and summary of the initiative for the November 2018 ballot, and the initiative’s proponents have 150 days to gather 365,880 valid CA signatures to qualify the Repeal for the November 2018 ballot.

Jerry Brown’s decision to push through the largest gas tax increase in California’s history without the approval of voters demonstrated a complete disregard for ordinary Californians. This ballot initiative will correct Brown’s failure and allow the people of California to decide for themselves if they want to raise their taxes.”

For more information, official signature packets (once available), and a full summary of the repeal, please visit



  1. Thank You Travis Allen. Our local leaders who supported this gas tax, should be ashamed, and understand we will not forget their actions on the next election day.
    Note to Gov. Jerry Brown and any future Governor. Stop funding your special needs projects and learn to balance your budgets. Like the rest of us.

  2. Travis Allen is AMAZING!!! I wish he would run for Governor~~ John Cox is running and that is great~

    • @bourne in the USA – This is the exact variety of pandering that got Arnold Schwarzenegger into office. Of course, the roads all went down the tubes and he rushed to put Prop 1B on the ballot so that we could not only raise funds for basic maintenance and then pay 2x to 3x the amount back with 30 years of bond debt. How’s that for fiscal responsibility?

  3. That’s what one get, when You live in a socialist dictator “republic”.
    Impeach Browny and repeal the so called “gas tax”.
    All it will do is fill-up the pockets of our “poor” government people….

  4. ✧ Gawd forbid that motorists be expected to actually pay a larger fraction of the impacts they have on our roads, or even be aware of the costs they inflict. Can’t have any of that supposedly-Republican personal responsibility stuff here. Gotta go with that supposedly-socialist massive hidden subsidy, instead.

    • Mr Dyer, you know as well as the rest of us that we have been paying for years to maintain or roads & infrastructure and our beloved in Sacramento always steal our money for their pet projects. Train, tunnels for starters. Enough already. Let the voters make this decision!!

    • Are you that brainwashed? They won’t use it for what it’s intended for. You can’t be that naive. I feel bad for you. You are perfect prey they look for. It’s not about Republican or Democrat. It’s fact they will use the funds for themselves and also defending illegal immigrants, like they have been doing. It’s also about fact they passed it themselves without it going to the voters. I don’t have an extra 500 bucks to dish out these crooks every year fool. We have already highest gas and registration tax and fees in country.

      • @Chance Taylor – Who do you imagine is doing the brainwashing, exactly? The numbers speak for themselves, and the costs exceed the revenues. The party that supposedly supports personal responsibility and sound fiscal policy wishes to perpetuate that.

        You’d do better to engage with substantive facts than to throw insults around, that just makes you look foolish yourself.

        • So what State Government body do you work for and have the luxury of retiring at 55 with full pension after “spiking” your final year salary and ripping off private sector tax payers to accomplish this unethical, immoral, evil scam?

          • @Slim Jimbo – Not one single assumption in your question is true. Now, can you address the substantive facts?

  5. I want an address to send my donation. I do not want my credit card used because of hacking. I will send a check.

  6. I will NOT sign this petition and I will vote no if it makes it to the ballot.

    California needs to improve the transportation infrastructure. The method of funding has been inadequate largely by interference by no growth politics. Prop 13 was the beginning of the downspout, this legislation will hopefully over come the temporary pothole fixing programs.

    We have been getting barely by with so little for so long. SB 1 is how we pull the State of California up to the 21st century long before the 22nd century appears.

    The vehicle tax rate in Somalia 0%.

    Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.

  7. Voting Democrat is voting against your very own interests; the democrats don’t care about you; they just care about their liberal agenda. In addition they rather protect and support the illegals, the immigrants and the criminals at the tax payer expense. We pay the highest taxes around, the highest DMV fees and we also pay fees upon fees on everything in CA. We have been paying taxes upon taxes on our gasoline for years that was supposed to repair and maintain the roads; as you see, that money never went where it was supposed to go, however this state did spend a large sum of money to do a study on “fairness”. In addition, out of our tax dollars we are spending $25000/month to Eric Holder to fight the Trump administration.

  8. Let’s not sweat the petty stuff……its going to take all of our energy to repeal this stupid gas tax! It’s not only bad for us at the pump, but the surcharges on Diesel is going to cripple the trucking and transportation industry. Can’t believe Jumbo Jimbo Frazier supported this nonsense. What a friggen idiot. He is not a long range thinker and now a carpetbegger.

    Time to toss him out on his fat @ss!!

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