Arrest and Indictments of 32 BullyBoy and CoCo Boy Street Gang Members for Operating $1 Million Fraud Scheme

Press Release


SACRAMENTO – California Attorney General Xavier Becerra Monday announced the arrest and indictment of 32 individuals associated with criminal street gangs throughout Northern California known as the BullyBoys and the CoCo Boys. The gangs and their associates conspired to defraud victims throughout California by hacking the credit card terminals and merchant accounts of dozens of medical and dental businesses.

Attorney General Becerra announced a 240-count indictment that includes: 63 counts of conspiracy to commit grand theft; 54 counts of hacking, computer access and fraud; 56 counts of grand theft; 59 counts of burglary; and eight counts of identity theft. As a result of the investigation approximately 40 stolen credit card terminals were recovered and dozens of receipts depicting fraudulent returns were located. In addition, agents seized other stolen property, such as laptop computers and personal files detailing social security numbers or bank information.

“Street gangs target and intimidate our families and businesses to feed their criminal enterprise,” said Attorney General Becerra. “It takes the collaborative effort of multiple law enforcement agencies to take down criminal gangs. It’s indispensable work if we’re to reclaim our neighborhoods. Today’s announcement serves as a reminder to all business owners to take all necessary precautions to avoid becoming the target of fraud.”

“This investigation remarkably demonstrates the increasing level of sophistication by which criminal gangs operate in California. The Western States Information Network (WSIN) was honored to support the coalition of agencies that led this investigation,” said Executive Director of Western States Information, Kent A. Shaw.

These arrests are the culmination of a three-year multi-agency investigation of a series of burglaries and credit card schemes occurring in 13 counties across Northern California. The investigation, which began in February of 2016, discovered similarities between schemes in which credit card terminals were burglarized from businesses in cities around Northern California.

Law enforcement discovered the schemes were tied to two criminal street gangs in the Antioch, Pittsburg, and Bay Point areas: the BullyBoys and the CoCo Boys. The gang members worked together to burglarize businesses in order to steal credit card terminals. The perpetrators used the stolen terminals to process returns. But instead of the value of the returns going to the business or to the customer, it was placed onto a debit card that the perpetrators pocketed.

The Attorney General’s eCrime and Fraud and Special Prosecution Units are jointly prosecuting the case resulting from a multiagency investigation by the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force, Walnut Creek Police Department, Antioch Police Department, Vacaville Police Department, Sacramento Police Department, Concord Police Department, Pittsburg Police Department, Napa Police Department and multiple other law enforcement agencies across Northern California.

A copy of the indictment is available here.


    • I’d like to see a 365 day OPEN SEASON and prizes given to people who bag as many of them as they can.

  1. Agree with the other Nick – this one is gang related. He doesn’t use punctuation – probably chiming in on his phone. Clarification.

  2. When Wells Fargo or another big bank rips off people like this, no one gets punished, and the exec’s behind it get bonuses.

      • He’s a social justice warrior. That’s the way they roll. Equality is one thing, but social justice warriors are living nightmares. I read on another site a Letter to the Editor where an MD had written a letter of support in regards to an MD who had passed away. A SJW rambled on about if she was a plumber, no one would care. I guess a well respected doctor can’t pass away without upsetting SJWs. They’re militant – and they’re pathetic. Their goal isn’t equality – it’s manipulative bullying, and I see right through it.

  3. Great! They’ll be out in minutes because of the unconstitutional no bail bill, and they might just get a pardon anyways. Since Jerry’s bailing out lifers, these guys are small potatoes. Keep your credit cards safe ppl. You can only rely on yourselves! Kamala will probably quote me out of context and say by lifer I mean I believe birth control is an abortion pill therefore look at me I’m ready to be a president

    • I think the no bail bill has not been signed yet because of the uproar. Signatures are being gathered to put that on the ballot and let the citizens vote on it. Let’s hope enough signatures are gathered.

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