Updated: Armed Robbery in Antioch Prompts Lockdown in Trilogy in Brentwood


An armed robbery at a jewelry store, followed by a bank robbery in the city of Antioch resulted in police activity into the city of Brentwood.

Sources say 2 suspects are currently in custody. It’s unconfirmed oh both the jewelry store and bank robbery are connected.

UPDATE — Brentwood Police give “all clear” in the incident and lockdown lifted at 12:36pm. For updated story: click here

Here is a message from the Brentwood Police Dept;

Lockdown due to Law Enforcement Activity in Brentwood near California Trail and Symphony Circle

This is a message from Brentwood Police Department. There is currently law enforcement activity in Brentwood. People in the are of California Trail, Chardonnay Lane and Symphony Circle are advised to lockdown in the nearest place of safety. Go inside, and close and lock all windows and doors. Stay off the phone and do not call 911 unless you need to report a life-threatening emergency. To report suspicious activity, contact Brentwood Police Department at 925-778-2441. Stay indoors until you receive further official instructions.


  1. Jewelry stores should have all their display cases made of PLEXIGLASS …. Only let people in BY APPOINTMENT and have the staff trained with firearms.

    • Sounds nice, but they won’t make any money. They’re willing to roll the dice because they’re insured.

  2. A lot of the ghetto sewer rats have been relocated here to Antioch from OAKLAND via the Section 8 program.

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