Antioch’s Toree McGee’s Debut Album Now Available on iTunes


Antioch’s Toree McGee announced last night that her debut EP Album, including the hit “Amen”, is now available for download on iTunes.

McGee-ItunesThe album was released after the March 31 release of the hit song “Amen” which shot up the charts on local Country Station KRTY in San Jose.

It’s available for the price of $5.99 which includes six songs (click here)

McGee, who describes her music as a blend of “Woodstock Rock ‘n’ Noll, and sparkly country” recorded her EP in Nashville last year.

Earlier this year, McGeee explained the song Amen made it onto the radio by a case of perfect timing through a relationship with her manager producer Gary Tackett, a guitarist and tour manager for Billy Currington. KRTY listened to her album and suggested a few changes to the song. After internal discussions, changes were made to Amen. During the second listen, McGee says KRTY loved it.

In an interview earlier this year with ECT, McGees says her musical journey began before she could even talk. She explained how when she was little, her parents told her before she could talk, she could sing.

“I started with row-row-your boat and although I did not sing the words, I was told I could sing in tune. I didn’t talk in full sentences, but I could sing,” explained McGee.” My dad was a singer in a garage band and his parents were a touring gospel quartet. It runs in the family.”

McGee performs at Waldie Plaza in Antioch in July 2015.
McGee performs at Waldie Plaza in Antioch in July 2015.

McGee admits she always wanted to be a singer with influences from her all-time favorite in Janis Joplin stating she loves the gravely tone that you don’t always hear or many can perfect—McGee says she like to think she can let it rip like Joplin. LeAnn Rimes was another big influence because she was a young singer on the radio when McGee figured out what she wanted to do for a living.

Other in influences include: Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, Creedence Clearwater, Jimmy Hendrix to Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses and AC-DC.

“Listening to things influences how you sing and perform. You watch and hear everything you can and study. You do what works for you and touches you,” explained McGee.

To download the album, click here: