Antioch: Youth Struck by Vehicle on W 10th Street


At 3:05 pm Friday, a teenager was struck by a vehicle near City Park on W. 10th Street in Antioch. The teenager was transported to a local hospital by AMR.

Although no details have officially been released, the girl’s approximate age was 14-years-old and was struck by a vehicle traveling in the eastbound direction at the entrance of City Park on W. 10th Street.

There were visible skid marks in the street where the vehicle stopped and appeared the driver was cooperating with police.

We will update when police release more information.



  1. I hope this teen is basically OK. I realize that pedestrians have the right-of-way and that’s good. However, many teens simply do not watch where they are going ….. and many drivers do not pay attention to their driving …….. maybe the speed limit on W. 10th Street should be lowered. I know once they get passed L Street, quite a few drivers think they’re on the Daytona Speedway even though it’s clearly marked as 35 mph!

    When I drive on 18th Street by Antioch High School, I drop my speed to 10 mph or less. Kids crossing the street to get to the parking lot, don’t even bother to glance if a car is coming. Their noses are in their cellphones.

    • Right of way or not, I’d rather not end up in the hospital for being a naive pedestrian thinking every car is gonna stop.

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