Antioch: Woman Wounded Twice in Drive By Shooting, Airlifted to Hospital

Photo provided by Jessica Cook

On Saturday, a transient woman was shot twice at Lone Tree Way and the Bypass in Antioch in an apparent drive by shooting around 3:00 pm.

The incident shut down Lone Tree Way at the Bypass as well as Canada Valley near Lowes as a medical helicopter was requested to airlift the woman to a local hospital.

She was treated and released.

According to a family member, the victim was shot twice in the leg by an African American male after she was panhandling with a sign. The suspect was the only occupant of the vehicle. They say the shooting was unprovoked as the vehicle drove up, fired shots and drove away.

The Antioch Police Department said late Saturday that CHP is handling the investigation. No further formation has been released.



  1. It was a reply to your shitty comment smh
    If it’s the transient I saw the other day she had two small children. With these rent/housing prices anyone could be in that situation. No one deserves to be shot smh

  2. Real men don’t go around shooting at people! Sounds like someone raised a worthless coward. What the he_l is wrong with this world.

  3. Hey James Edwards – your comment, “All panhandlers with be dealt with”… just wondering if all your followers on Facebook feel the same way?

  4. Hey Dion, obviously you’re about as ignorant as they come and I feel for you. as far as my generation…do you even know how old I am ? And right now yes I can say that I am a millionaire ….right now…. however, there was a time in my life when I had not $.25 in my pocket and there were people that helped me and I was able to make my way in life…. I wasn’t on drugs or alcohol ….. maybe an abusive husband was my downfall? did you ever think of that Dion? After being have to work in corporate America at Safeway corporate headquarters for 15 years and made my way in life however that wouldn’t of been possible without a few people helping Me. Think about your heartless, angry, nasty comments….. it’s one thing to think , to yourself such hateful things… but why do you find it necessary to degrade an innocent victim, already put through total hell, publicly? Does it make you feel like a man? Maybe the man you wished you were? Do you feel entitled to say these terrible things about a woman you never met? My father was a high school drop out… self made millionaire… died At age 41…I was 17…. he taught me to always be kind… if I am able, to lend a helping hand…… always give more than ya take! And you know what Dion, I have followed in his footsteps and taken his advise.nothing….NOTHING brings me more happiness than knowing I may have changed a persons life today by giving. You go ahead and live your selfish, deserved, worked hard for life…, and may you die a lonely bitter old fart! It’s not what you got….it’s what you give! Peace to you .

  5. So Miss Kari the bullshit millionaire. You didnt answer the question.


    Will you be covering this homeless woman medical expenses and housing and feeding her?

    • Grow up what are you some kind of animal or just a _ _ _ hole!!!! Shame on you.

    • I think you’re smart enough not to believe everything you read. Remember – in real life you are who you are. On the internet – you are who you say you are. There’s a big difference…

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