Antioch: Wells Fargo Bank Robbed at Gunpoint


Just before 1:00 pm Wednesday, Antioch Police responded to Wells Fargo Bank inside Safeway on Deer Valley Road on a report of a bank robbery.

According to Police, an adult male hopped over the counter armed with a firearm and robbed the bank and fled the scene.

Medical was requested for at least one female who needed medical attention. It’s unclear if she passed out during the incident or was injured.

As of 1:35 pm, Antioch Police were still on scene interviewing employees and reviewing bank video.

Check back for details.

All information is considered preliminary and may change once Antioch Police complete their investigation and release more information.



  1. Just a typical afternoon in ghetto Antioch.

    Can’t qualify for section 8 if you have a job, and can’t be rolling around town on small rims. Gotta have the big 22″ wheels in the pre owned Mercedes so all the honeys notice. Solution is to rob the bank. Im sure the criminal lives close to the bank.

    Simple. Ghetto. Criminal minded.

    Gotta love Antioch!

    • Marshall,

      Wow that showed a lot of brain power coming from you. Better not push yourself too hard or you might just be promoted from lettuce washer to cashier.

  2. section 8 is a rent coupon so the piece of paper isn’t the problem it’s the people who get in different cities and bring it too Antioch along with all the ghetto tendencies they are accustomed too before everybody started porting in from different cities the crime rate wasn’t this high I feel like you need too stay in the city that issued your voucher

  3. Between all the shoplifting and parking lot robberies and break-ins, can’t see this Safeway stay open after their lease expires. The employee’s who need a job that work here, are always in terror!

  4. Putting banks in grocery stores was a pretty stupid thing. ATM’S fine but those dumb little offices are ridiculous. Dangerous job when it was in a free standing building all on its own. Greedy bankers and grocery store owners.

  5. So……is there any bank in Antioch that hasn’t been robbed at least once?

    Importing the section 8 ghetto trash hasn’t really panned out has it Antioch?

  6. I’m reading these comments & I agree with Hug. Now, I don’t think everyone that’s on Section 8 is the problem. That is so narrow minded. I know some ppl that’s on that program & are hardworking ppl that grew up in our area.

    • I agree Lisa, there are plenty of people that are truly qualified for section 8, such as the disabled and injured veterans.

      I specifically talk about the ghetto section 8 criminals who abuse the system and think of it as a way of life from cradle to the grave.

      • Rjb, I agree. Section 8 should ONLY be for the low-income elderly, the disabled and our injured vets! I’ve been trying to find information on which genius politician came up with the Section 8 system…. but haven’t had any luck. I even called the Sec. 8 office but they wouldn’t give me any information. Now, do the taxpayers contribute to the mortgages of the property owners? Is that how it works? If so, what a deal it is for the landlords!

  7. The Deer Valley area of Antioch is extra dangerous because its a ghetto diguised as a nice neighborhood.

  8. Bank robbery is a federal crime. He would have gotten more $ robbing the safeway check stands which used to happen lots in Oakland. I’ve seen plenty of shoplifting where the employees just look the other way. So that only encourages the thieves to come there and get bolder.

  9. It’s amazing how every time something happens in Antioch or any criminal activity takes place, people automatically jump to the word “ghetto” or somehow section 8 is the blame. The problem is a lot bigger than section 8 or someone being “ghetto”. I find it very offensive that people are so narrow minded to think that criminals are only “ghetto” or have section 8 vouchers. It’s sad and very disturbing to hear about what happened because I shop at this store as well but we all have a responsibility to clean up our own back yard before we start judging or talking about someone else’s back yard. Criminals come in all shapes, sizes, colors and yes they also live up on the hill and drive very expensive cars. #Foodforthought

    • It’s amazing that people come on here and water down the truth about the criminal activity that is causing home values to drop and jeopardizing the lives of innocent people.

      It’s amazing that people believe that criminals are sophisticated, college educated, and civilized people.

      These are the comments that dumb down readers and is so ideological (BS) that after reading it, you’re left to thinking that there is no issue and everything is fine

      • RJB you’re a bit extreme for me, but this point is completely correct and well-stated. If people are more concerned with some water-downed narrative or fantasy-world re: violent crime they aren’t helping. The problem is obvious everyone knows it and steps need to be taken at both macro (city/county) and micro (citizen) level to counter. The statement that criminals come in all shapes, sizes and colors is disingenuous. There are major takeaways from looking at FBI data specifically across age and race. This reflects more of a culture problem and less of a race one, imho. Discrimination against minorities is in no-way the problem, and not all minorities contribute to the crime problem equally. Preceding is due to culture. The data is what it is. People can ignore it and get a warm fuzzy from perceiving they are on some type of moral high-ground, but as you so eloquently put it, it’s destructive BS.

    • I can’t believe how ignorant you sound!!! So incredible how stupid people think. I see it too, and I know its frustrating to see bad people get away with bad things, but to think only “ghetto” people are criminials and sophisticated educated people aren’t criminals, you must NOT be living in the real world. To be so closed minded doesn’t make you any better from ghetto people. Guess what they think a lot like you!!! Close minded and one sided!! idiot

      • This is not at all what is being said. If one specific demographic of an age-range and a race is committing more than 50% of the violent crime do you ignore that problem and just keep chanting the mantra of everyone can be a criminal? When solving problems (crime) you typically focus on the most significant chunks first (violent crime) then attack the rest. At what point do you start to draw conclusions from the data and enact practical policy based on data. Section 8 brings violent crime. I’m sorry but that is the reality on planet-earth. The reason for this is that it attracts a certain demographic, one that the FBI data shows is responsible for a majority of the violent crime in the US. Plenty of good folks on Section 8 as well vets, elderly…so perhaps HUD should split the program into two bins so it can focus on the broken-half. The idea isn’t necessarily completely bad, but if mismanaged you create crime hotspots, which Antioch is clearly a case-study in.

  10. I feel really bad for the employees at that Safeway since albertsons took over its worse there then ever I’m afraid for there employees they use to care not anymore

  11. How do you know the bank robber is on section 8 ,I mean come on everybody blames section 8 there’s bad people that arnt on it section 8 has been around for 50 years if the program was that bad it would of been shut down a long time ago

    • Your statement is one of the stupidest things I have ever read on here and that is saying a lot!

  12. All ya’ll sound dumb AF.. What does the whole sec 8 in relation to ” ghetto ” have to do with anything? Are you implying that the bank robber was black? Cause only black people are on sec 8 right && black people are ghetto right? Shut TF up.. White people be on government assistance, white people steal && shit too. Ya’ll idiots are not supreme so sit ya’ll ignorant asses down. Bitch.

  13. You all sound pretty racist. Don’t judge people off of their appearance or what they have in life. Not everyone who owns one of those cars mentioned are criminals. Some people just don’t have the best things in life like others. What makes any better than them? If anything you sound worse than criminals! The world is so corrupt and judgemental it disgusts me.

    • That’s not the argument being presented. Do you want a link to actual data…(below)? One specific age/race range is heavily contributing to violent crime. That is what is being said and what the data supports. Draw your own conclusions. Racist label means nothing anymore, feel free to continue to dilute that. Argument here is a demographic argument not a race one, e.g., race+other factors such as age, geographic location, e.g., US not Europe. etc…

      • According to Wikipedia the total population in U.S. in 2015: Whites – 72.41%, Blacks – 12.61%, Mixed races – 9.11%. According to your posted link: White crime 69.7%, Black crime 26.6%. No data on mixed race but if included in with White you would have statistically more crime per population committed by Blacks than any other race. Also more Blacks are victims of Black criminals than whites. Draw your own conclusions on which race is more impacted by criminals. My conclusion is we all need to do better raising the next generation of races that are to come.

  14. Just to quell the assumptions and as a coup de gras to the criminal supporters:

    An article in the herald indicated the description of the robber as a BLACK adult male thin build. After trying to post the link several times, it seems that this website does not allow it.

  15. Description of the suspect was indicated in the other Antioch news company. For some reason I can’t post the link here

    Suspect was an black male adult thin build driving a tan SUV. Guess I was wrong about the Mercedes.


  16. rjb ,
    you sound like you have a problem with people …that got different complexion than you. I live around the corner i work hard for my money and drive a nice car so what man Not all the people are created equal .

    • And what complexion do you think I am and what complexion do you think I have a problem with?

      None of my posts ever mention gripes about color, apart from the POLICE description of the suspect.

      I swear people are so racist.

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