Antioch: Vegetation Fire Burns 5 Acres off Hillcrest


At 1:54 pm Wednesday, the Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of a vegetation fire near Hillcrest Avenue and Wild Horse Road in the City of Antioch.

CONFIRE responded to the scene and reported a 1/4 acre fire and by 1:59 pm reported the fire was threatening 6-homes on Spaulding Street while it had grown to 1-acre.

A full vegetation fire response was requested of the 5 closest available units.

By 2:07 pm, the fire had grown to 2-acres.

By 2:18 pm, Antioch police were out with the suspect at Hillcrest and Bellflower Drive.

The fire is now out and was limited to 5-acres.

Check back for updates.


  1. Arson? If true, special place in hell for that person. This never lets up. One fire after the other. Everyone-be safe, take care of the firefighters….

  2. I do not understand arsonists! It’s bad enough that we have to be subjected to all this smoke, but to start another fire, just because, is simply inane. So glad that the arsonist is caught.

  3. Arsonists —- when caught, arrested and tried, should be BURNED AT THE STAKE so they can truly experience what they are so fascinated with. This sounds like some deadbeat, mad at the world, wanting to harm people and property. If they are eliminated VIA FIRE, then maybe the next one will think twice.

  4. Can’t wait to see the firefighters strike. Then we’ll see if the state really values infrastructural servicers or not.

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