Antioch: Uninsured Driver Strikes Parked Car


Drivers in East Contra Costa County continue to provide job security for law enforcement by driving habits.

On Saturday at roughly 5:45 pm, Antioch Police responded to a report of a vehicle on its side after the male driver struck a parked car.

The crash occurred on Wildflower Drive at Lotus Ct. where firefighters and AMR on scene reported that the driver was able to self extricate himself from the vehicle which had overturned and land on its side.

The parked vehicle was unoccupied at the time of the collision with the owner inside his home.

Police investigated the crash as a possible DUI, but later found the driver not to be under the influence and possibly just not paying attention to the road. They also could not confirm if speed was a factor.

Police did cite and release the driver for not having insurance.


  1. If he hit a parked car and it turned over on it’s side, then the scumbag must have been driving pretty damned fast! Oh! He possibly wasn’t paying attention to his driving? Why was he driving at all?

  2. The sloping sides of parked cars serve as ramps. Easy to tip over a car that rides higher than the parked vehicle. Pickup trucks are a perfect example.

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