Antioch to Add Community Cameras to Cavallo Road and E 18th Intersection


On Tuesday, the Antioch City Council unanimously approved the addition of community cameras to city streets to help reduce crime. The cameras will be placed at the intersection of E. 18th and Cavallo Road.

According to Chief Tammany Brooks, this project would have three community cameras as well have six automated license plate readers.

The City agreed to enter into a sole source request to add additional community cameras from Odin Systems Inc and Vigilant Solutions via Lehr Auto Electric. The contract will cost $156,400 with an annual cost of $11,172.

The City of Antioch currently has a community camera system in place that utilizes cameras to monitor places such as the Marina, Knoll Park, City Hall, Worthshaw sports complex, Community Center, Skate Park and Prewett Water Park, L Street and  Sycamore Drive as well as Auto Center Drive and Sycamore Drive.

“Just last year we expanded the program to include one of the more crime challenged areas within the city, the sycamore drive corridor. Since the program has been implemented, it has been a huge success,” explained Chief Brooks. “We have seen a slight reduction in crime and seen a  number of crimes solved due to installation and implementation of the community camera program.”

The staff reported added, these cameras bring a sense of safety to the citizens who frequent these areas and also provide Law Enforcement an additional tool for fighting and reducing crime. The expansion of this program within the E. 18th Street and Cavallo Road intersection  would provide the residents of this area an additional sense of security and, at the same time, could serve as a crime deterrent and crime fighting tool for the police department in this challenged area.

Councilwoman Lori Ogorchock stated her excitement for this project.

“This is a perfect way for Measure C money to be spent and show we are spending our money wisely with these funds,” stated Ogorchock. “This actually comes under Measure C guidelines, we did the Sycamore Corridor and I’d like to see this one done also. This will help make our areas safer and aid our police officers.”

Ogorchock asked for an explanation of why E. 18th and Cavallo for the next set of cameras.

Chief Brooks replied in 2016, there was 431 calls for service that were violent or crimes associated with violence—from shootings to assaults to narcotics.

“That is an amount we thought warranted this area getting the next set of cameras,” said Brooks.

Councilman Tony Tiscareno stated he supported this project and noted the difference the cameras have provided to the Sycamore Corridor.

Chief Brooks called the cameras invaluable in the Sycamore area highlighting they helped them capture a recent homicide suspect was caught based on information from the cameras.

The data captured by these ALPR cameras has been critical in the recovery of stolen and or wanted vehicles. The  data has also helped solve numerous criminal cases and locate numerous wanted subjects.



  1. Cameras didn’t do good in sycamore same stuff happening anyways. I’ve seen ANTIOCH pd sleeping on the job there acting like they watching the parking lot

  2. Can we hear a response from someone who went to a proper English class please?! SMH ?

  3. Why do we need more street cameras and automated license plate readers when we already implement surveillance on our citizens through the use of our smart phones, video game consoles, and smart tv’s? Physical cameras sitting out in the open are relics of the past. If Antioch wants to move forward with ending its crime wave, then do what the rest of the nation is doing: utilize inidiscriminate mass surveillance ?

    • MK Ultra great idea! Do you have any info where mass indiscriminate surveillance is being used successfully? This is what Antioch needs. We all need to do our part.

      • Great Britain is a poster child for this, with cameras on every street corner. North Korea would be another. Where is mass surveillance being used successfully? When we realize how many fearful, unquestioning, docile citizens we currently have in this country, we can see the fruits of mass surveillance. A future of total conformity to authoritarian rule (what most Antioch citizens on here seem to want) can only be established by the elimination of your precious privacy (for not all criminals are minorities in poor parts of town btw).

  4. Funny there is enough money to spy on Cavallo but not enough money to install body cameras on the APD.

  5. Cameras should be installed in areas where the actual crimes are committed: Cavallo and Gary and Minner and along the area close where the houses abut to the railroad tracks. A better idea would be to fence off that entire area west of Cavallo, moved everyone out and raze all those houses. This area is a next of criminal activity. I’d also get rid of that liquor store at East 18th and Cavallo.

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