Antioch: Thursday W. 20th Incident Nets Arrest of Murder Suspect


Around 4:45 pm Thursday afternoon, Antioch Police responded to a report of a suspicious circumstance in the A. Street area and took three men into custody after the vehicle stopped on W. 20th street.

The suspects were reported to have been selling a gun and upon police arrival, a reported shot had been fired from the car. Police and the suspects were on a short chase when they pulled over and tried to flee the area but were caught.

It turns out, one of the three subjects had a warrant out for their arrest for a murder case in Antioch. No details were provided about the suspect or the case it involves.

Police confirmed that a shell casing was located at the scene, but did not recover a fire arm.

No further details were provided.

Note: the subject in the photo with police appears not to be the suspect with a warrant for murder.


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  1. Another great job by Antioch PD! Thank you for all the hard work you do in serving and protecting our community.

  2. people should really get the whole story before you go about judging somebody. do anyone of y’all know this suspect?! Go about your own business and worry about yours! APD will say whatever to make someone look guilty, thought it was innocent til’ proven guilty?! How do you recover a shell but no weapon, who is to say that shell wasn’t already there?! Come on now….

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