Antioch: Suspect Arrested in Attempted Homicide of 76-Year-Old Female


The Antioch Police Department reported that they arrested a subject who assaulted an elderly family member who bound in tape for several hours.

Police say the incident occurred at approximately 10:22 AM when a resident from the 1200 block of “C” Street called 911 to report that an elderly female family member had been assaulted and was possibly deceased. The caller, fearing for their safety, fled from the residence to phone the police. Several officers responded to the residence.

When they arrived, officers found a 76-year-old elderly female on the living room floor bound in tape suffering from numerous serious injuries. The caller reported that a 44-year-old male family member admitted to assaulting the victim over the course of several hours, and was possibly under the influence of narcotics.

The suspect fled the scene in his vehicle as officers were responding, but was quickly located in the neighborhood. A short vehicle pursuit ensued, and the suspect led the officers to the area of “A” Street and Railroad Avenue. The chase came to an end when the officers disabled the suspect’s vehicle and took him into custody.

The victim was rushed to a local area hospital and is currently in stable, but critical condition. The suspect was also treated at a local area hospital and cleared for incarceration.

Anyone with information is asked to call Antioch Police Detective A. Gonzalez at (925)779-6923. You may also text-a-tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using the key word ANTIOCH.


  1. I’m wondering how many times over the years this woman has suffered a beating to extort money for drugs and it has gone unreported because it didn’t look as if she’d die. Who really thinks this was an isolated incident?

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  3. Why hasn’t the name of this piece of crap publicized? I hope he gets worked over by the guards in the county jail.

    • They arent publicizing it because the police dont want anything keepind a conviction impossible

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