Antioch Set to Host Pancake Breakfast, 4th of July Parade and Fireworks


The Celebrate Antioch Foundation is set to once again host its annual 4th of July Celebration with a variety of events and activities.

Once again the fireworks and live entertainment will be down at the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds starting at 4pm.  There will be live music, car shows, kid’s zones, craft and food vendors and basically an all around good time! Then the evening will come to a climax with an amazing fireworks show put on by the Celebrate Antioch Foundation and the City of Antioch.

The day begins with a pancake breakfast downtown starting at 8:30 am. This is a free breakfast with a suggested donation of $5.00 per person. Our downtown shops will be open and fully decorated for a Patriotic celebration. The parade through the downtown starts at 11:00 AM.

The Parade is a fun filled Hometown Parade, entries are from all different community organizations as well as individuals. This years Grand Marshall is Emily J. Silva, who is the longest standing member of the V.I.P.S program. Emily has recently had her 84th Birthday on June 23rd. Emily has been a member of V.I.P.S since the program’s inception in 2001.

Chief Tammany Brooks says “The V.I.P.S program is an integral part of the Police Family”.

One of the Founders of the program Lonnie Karste says “Emily Silva is a cornerstone of the program and the community of Antioch is better because of her and all the V.I.P.S”.

Emily is a 35 year resident of Antioch coming to us with her Husband Joe G. Silva from Dinuba and Visalia CA. She has two children Joseph Silva and Sherry Swartz. Emily originally retired from Wells Fargo Bank and realized she had too much energy to sit still. Emily has always been active in her community. Emily is a 63 year member of Beta Sigma Phi, 27 year member of the Elks Club and before that a member of the Ladies of Elks (women weren’t allowed in Elks for a long time). Emily also is a member of the Young Ladies Institute.  This work ethic is why her supervisor Darlene Flournoy says “The records unit relies heavily on Emily as she brings a work ethic that is unmatched”.

According to Celebrate Antioch, there is still time to get your entries in for the parade with entry forms available on their website. They are also seeking $4 donations from the community as part of their fundraiser.

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  1. The poster makes this parade, etc sound fun, until you realize its in Antioch. Free breakfast should be interesting, every moocher and crackhead fuk will be there for the freebies. Then a parade downtown while dodging all the homeless encampments and their buckets to sh it and piss in. And to close it out with fireworks at our rundown sh ithole, that we call a faigrounds. No thanks!

  2. Lol….yeah I am sure you haven’t been to the parade or fairgrounds any of the past years but what’s more impressive is how you will talk all that trash but not use your real name

    • Its my opinion and you have yours, so shut the fuk up. Who cares what name someone puts on here, youre not doing sh it about it regardless, trust me! Time for you to move along!

  3. Wow, so negative about such a positive community event. It’s sad that you feel this way but you are not assisting the hard work that is going in to putting on one of the safest, drama free, community minded events. Thank you to every volunteer from the Celebrate Antioch Foundation that has continued to serve the community despite individuals like yourself. Ken, thank you for overseeing the parade with poise and grace!

    • You didnt deny any of the comments above, so really youre aware its true. How is this such a great community event exactly? Does kt fix any of Antiochs issues ? Do you feel safer as a citizen here afterwards? Do you know your neighbor better afterwards? NO. You dont! Its 2018, wake up and look around, this City is on life support. But you enjoy your free pancakes 🙂

  4. Well I believe in the city coming together raising a good environment hopefully for Antioch . After all Antioch High School had a lot of support after sending one of the best running backs in my opinion to Alabama perhaps it’s time to give this city a chance at least I know it’ll be safe I’ve had much experience from my family previously owning the Beer Garden in downtown Antioch when they used to have the fireworks on the water, we always had a good time. It’s about family and the community from what I’ve seen. Happy Fourth of July.

      • I’m looking forward to a great time with nice people, good food, music, and fireworks at the Fairgrounds. We are so fortunate to live in this great country and have the opportunity to make our lives as good as we can.
        Don’t let that weirdo above dampen your spirits. That guy obviously was either abused or ignored as a child to grow up into such a bitter waste of space. Dude, it’s not your fault that you don’t know which one of the neighborhood drunks was your father, it could have been any one of the dozens who paid five bucks to do your mother during those brief periods when she was out of prison. Go hang out with your drinkin’ buddies, put on your MAGA hat, and stop leering at your ten-year-old niece, you creep.

  5. To all my wonderful neighbors: let us be thankful for the blessings of living in such a great country, and enjoy these community activities in a spirit of joy and optimism 😊

    Don’t waste too much time worrying about dirtbags like that deranged loser who wrote those ugly messages. Obviously he was abused or ignored during his miserable childhood and his brain is seriously undeveloped and profoundly twisted. Dude it’s not your fault that you don’t know which of the neighborhood drunks is your father, it could be any of them cuz your mother slept with all of them during the few short stints while she was out of prison. Crawl back into your hole with your alcoholic buddies, put on your MAGA hat, and stop leering at your ten-year-old niece you creep.
    To the rest of us: let’s enjoy the day and pray for the souls of such wastoids.

  6. Let’s enjoy this beautiful day and have fun at the fairgrounds! Life is what you make it: for some unfortunates (like that loser above) all they see is the ugliness, while normal happy people can be sharing the joy and the love. I’m also reminded how important it is to support those organizations that do good work like seeking cures for mentally deranged weirdos like that sad individual. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!

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