Antioch School Board Trustee Issues Response to Recall Attempt


On Monday, Antioch Unified School District Trustee Debra Vinson issued a response to the notice of Intention to Recall.

Vinson called the recall “questionable” and refutes the allegations.

The move comes after a March 22 school board meeting where Nicole Cedano served Vinson with recall papers for a second time. At the meeting, Cedano highlighted since last fall Vinson has not changed her ways and continues to abuse her position while citing an incident where Vinson suggested that a school site secretary take a course in “bigotry and hatred” while insinuating the school employee was a bigot.

Vinson issued an apology, which some say was insincere, and cost the District more than $3,000 in legal fees.

Cedano and supports of a recall are now able to collect signatures and needs 15% (8,222) of the more than 54,000 registered voters in the school district within a 90 day period. Cedano is hoping to get closer to 12,000 to be safe.

Cedano said Tuesday she launched a Facebook Page where people who support the recall can volunteer and work together to collect signatures.

According to her response:

I am wholeheartedly saddened by the recall procedures and feel that this is initiated with questionable merit; however, I fully respect the efforts of the law involved. These accusations are false and I refute all allegations against me.

It is my due diligence to always uphold AUSD policies with professionalism as I am the change agent the voters elected in 2014. Since then, I have worked to make AUSD a destination District. I have tirelessly worked hand in hand with teachers, staff and strongly supported parents and community efforts in advancing our School District.

I have and will continue to focus on putting our students first. I have focused on financial accountability & transparency; fiscal responsibility with taxpayer’s money & reduced the financial crisis, improved emergency preparedness; and focused on school climate & safety.

I strive for positive academic outcomes which can be achieved by continuing to work together so that our students receive the best quality public education they so rightfully deserve!

Let us be reminded that our student’s future is at stake when unexpected expenditures is forcefully poured in unwarranted recall proceedings instead of the classroom where it is urgently needed.

Debra Vinson, MA, DAPA, BCPC
School Board Trustee
Antioch Unified School District

For more background on the recall and documents we had previously posted, including emails from the school employee and Vinson, click here.



  1. Of course she calls the recall “questionable” and refutes the allegations. I believe she has to go if not in a recall, in the next election as she is unfit to serve and has little people skills from what I have seen. She also plays favorites to one kind of people. Go to a board meeting and just watch her behavior, its embarrassing the way she belittles the Superintendent and staff.

  2. She needs to go – she should’ve never been elected – her personality leaves a lot to be desired. She has NO people skills, and sadly, there are people like that.

  3. Antioch Unified School District is not a DESTINATION district no matter how much lipstick you put on the pig. Our scores in all areas are horrific and this board and Ms. Anello can whitewash the stats all they want. WE cannot rebrand this mess. It stinks too bad.

    • weeds chest-high in front of the schools i’ve seen. no detail left to chance what could go wrong?

  4. Well Julio we just won a first place in the county science fair and we have strong robotics and engineering in both high school plus the only public planetarium in the county. I have had internationally famous researchers visit my classroom on more than one occasion. The biggest problem we have is this myth that the schools are terrible. AUSD isn’t perfect but we try to do right by the kids. I

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