Antioch: Public’s Help Needed in Locating 3-Week Old Puppy


The Furry Friends Food Relief Program is seeking the community’s help in locating a 3-week old puppy.

The puppy was given away before they could take litter at the request of the dogs owner and they are now trying to get the puppy back so it can receive food from the mother as well as needed additional medical attention.

According to Erin Pina of Furry Friends Food Relief, they received a call that a homeless woman living in an RV who was moving into a home after receiving a voucher. The woman had 11 dogs in total and could only keep 3.

Furry Friends Food Relief agreed to help with the remaining 8-dogs and find homes.

Pina says before they could arrive tot take the dogs, the woman’s boyfriend gave away one of the puppies to an African American female.

“I am not looking to get anyone in trouble, I just want to get the puppy back, ” said Pina. “The puppy is so young it doesn’t even have teeth and needs its moms milk. It needs to be nursing off the mom.”

Pina added that the puppy was covered in flees and had a flee treatment burn and so not only does it need proper nourishment, but also needs medical attention.

The last known location of thee puppy was at a location off K Street in Antioch.

If anyone knows the where about of this puppy, no questions will be asked, contact Erin at 925-240-3178

The rest of the litter is currently safe in a Foster home.

If you would like to assist in the care and treatment of the ones in our care, you can donate here.



  1. Who in God’s name would give away a puppy only 3 weeks old? A dog or can must be AT LEAST 8 weeks old before they can eat on their own.

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