Antioch Police Officer Shoots Two Dogs, Saves Elderly Woman Being Mauled

April 28, 2016 officer Mayer presented with life saving award (file photo)

On April 13th at about 2:15 pm Antioch Police Officer Pat Mayer was dispatched to Menona Drive for the report of two loose, aggressive dogs. He checked the area in his vehicle and did not locate the dogs.

As he was leaving, Officer Mayer thought he heard the faint cry of someone yelling for help, so he got out of his car to investigate.

Officer Pat Mayer

Behind a vehicle on the side of a house, Officer Mayer found two pit -bull dogs mauling a 72-year-old female on the ground.

He yelled at the dogs, which immediately stopped attacking the woman and turned their aggression towards him.

The dogs lunged at Officer Mayer, who was forced to use  his firearm in order to defend himself and the elderly female. Both dogs died instantly.

Officer Mayer immediately requested medical assistance  for the 72 year old, who was bleeding badly from bite wounds all over her body. She stated she was going for a walk when the dogs came out of nowhere and started attacking her.

Upon further investigation it was discovered the dogs had escaped from their yard by digging a hole under the fence. Their owners were notified and cooperative with Animal Services.

“Without Officer Mayer’s diligence in this case, we believe the outcome for the victim could have been much worse,” said Police Chief Tammany Brooks. “Antioch Officers do remarkable things every day, and this is just one example, and one officer. We are very proud of Officer Mayer!”



  1. In the US a pit bull kills a person every 17 days. They are weapons that can pull their own trigger.

  2. One thing the authorities cannot do is continue to return known vicious dogs back to irresponsible, delusional owners until someone is DEAD. The dogs should be put down. Public safety MUST come before the self imagined right to own a well documented vicious breed.
    Every trait that was BRED INTO these dogs-explosive,
    disproportionate and unprovoked aggression, gameness, and their uniquely
    damaging hold and shake attack style-makes them defective, destructive, and
    deadly as a PET animal ( and stupid, dangerous, and
    defective as any type of therapy or service dog:

    There is only a controversy in the minds of people who want
    to avoid reality. Pit bulls are the number ONE breed for human fatalities and
    severe, life altering injuries (, serial attacks,
    rampage attacks, and failing a ‘second chance’ ( as well as
    mauling and killing pets and livestock ( This is no more
    an appropriate and safe pet than a tiger or bear and should be regulated the
    same way. There is no need for pit bulls.

  3. So sad that once again non responsible owners have caused the death of their dogs and the injury of a innocent person.

  4. These dogs are so powerful they can rip apart fencing. They tear up wood fencing, they lift up chain link fencing, so if you don’t cement chain link fencing down, it’s done. They climb over 6 foot or taller fencing. So the only way to have a pit bull in many cases is with iron bars and cement. Most people who own pit bulls don’t feel like going through all that work and expense. Many pit bull owners don’t really think about these things. Laws are needed for these beastly monsters.

  5. Oh here we go. I’m sorry for the lady who was attacked and hope she heals quickly. I know that, unfortunately, she will never forget the attack. It’s a horrible thing to go through. But no matter what anyone says, I’m not going to say that ALL pitbulls are bad. Yes, they are strong and yes they can be aggressive and yes they will defend their family and property and yes SOME pitbulls are dangerous and we’re raised the wrong way and probably shouldn’t be a part of the community. But some humans shouldn’t be either. I trust my two pitbulls with my life. And I’ve seen them in attack mode. However, I know, without a doubt, they would not hurt me or anyone else unless if was warranted ie: you threaten or harm me, my family or property.

  6. They don’t “learn their lesson” as some foolish people think. They cannot be rehabbed. It would be so much better for everyone, including the Pit Bulls, if they were banned from being owned as pets

  7. But we gots to have dem Pitts cuz all bout dat ruff Ryder style. Yea boieee …. gotta luk tuff in my wife beater shirt as I walk my pit. Ain’t nobody messing wit me cuz I feed my pity gun powda so he be killin fools dat come close.

  8. “However, I know, without a doubt, they would not hurt me or anyone else unless if was warranted ie: you threaten or harm me, my family or property.”

    So that 72-year-old female was Endangering people and property by taking a walk ? I guess it was her fault for getting mauled

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