Antioch Police Make Arrest in Rivertown Treasure Chest Burglary


Less than two-weeks after the owners of the Rivertown Treasure Chest asked for the public’s help in identifying a burglary suspect, the Antioch Police Department made an arrest.

Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks stated police arrested Emmanuel Rader, 28, on second-degree burglary charges on August 5.

Chief Brooks stated Tuesday night he credited the quality of security camera for allowing police the opportunity to identify the suspect and search for him.

The burglary occurred on July 23 at 2:30 am, where Rader allegedly threw a brick through the front door at 306 G Street and entered the business. He made his way to the front desk and in a matter of seconds took the cash box from the counter and left.

In the video, see below, it was less than 15-seconds and around $100 was stolen.

According to, there have been a total of 42 incidents in the downtown area in the past 30-days. The calls include 16 violent crimes, 23 property crimes and 3 quality of life calls.

Here is the video from the burglary:




  1. Why is he being charged with”SECOND” degree burglary? What happened to the FIRST degree one?

  2. Lola – first degree burglary would be with a weapon and the presence of another person. (You break into my home with a weapon and I’m there). Second degree burglary would be an unoccupied building – which would include a closed business.

    You can’t change the law… LOL!

  3. I think the main difference is residential burglary is first degree. Store or any business is second degree burglary.

  4. That isn’t even rader !! Wtf ? Arresting the wrong person while the real person is still out robbing! Come on apd u your shit straight

  5. I shall have his head on a sword and cut his d**k off and f**k him in the dirt

    Your King Joffrey??✊?????

    • Well it would be the wrong person. This isn’t him. And believe me because I know him. He stole my car in December. And he is already out. As much as I wish it was him its not. The guy in the video is not as dark nor big as Raider.

    • First of all he was my son’s friend. And he was a good person at one time. Maybe he can get back to being a good person again. Who knows? Not my place to judge.

  6. If you know who all the criminals are – you’re hanging with the wrong crowd. I agree with Nick.

    • Just because I know of them does not mean I hang with them. But I know a lot of people. Sometimes that is a good thing.

  7. If I knew any criminals (or my son was hanging out with them) I wouldn’t admit it on a public blog. Birds of a feather flock together.

    “Not my place to judge” is a head in the sand approach. It’s ignorant and naïve, and knowing the “wrong people” is NEVER good. WISE UP.

    • Or some of us went to high school with the dude. Stop looking so deep into it jeeze. Plus, many criminals are successful and rich (white collar criminals) so don’t be so quick to judge all “criminals”.

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