Antioch Police Make Arrest in Downtown Vandalism Cases

Photos provided by Antioch Police

The Antioch Police Department announced the arrest of a 24-year-old Antioch man Tuesday morning who allegedly is responsible for vandalism in the downtown area in the City of Antioch.

According to police, the suspect was identified as Lawrence Phipps. Police served a probation search and located Phipps along with clothing worn during the vandalism incidents which were caught on video.  Phipps does have a record and is on probation but police did not elaborate further.

In total, more than 20 business and multiple vehicles (including city vehicles) were hit with spray paint as code enforcement was working to clean the damages.

The damages were discovered on Sunday and Monday in the Rivertown District along 2nd street, as well as 3rd Street along G Street as Code Enforcement worked the downtown area to clean off spray painted racist messages–including multiple swastikas.

At this time, police say there is no evidence to support this being a “hate crime”, however, the incident is still under investigation. Police next will take this to the District Attorney’s office where charges will be filed.

Mayor Sean Wright said Tuesday the actions of one individual does not portray Antioch as a whole .

“Thank you to those that shared video to help the police department do a great job in catching this individual. Every bit of information helps. Thank you to all of the downtown businesses for being patient. As a community we are better than than this and hopefully this incident can bring Antioch together and say we will not tolerate this type of behavior,” said Wright.

Official Release from Antioch Police:

We are pleased to report that the person responsible for the extensive vandalism to our downtown community has been arrested. This morning, officers responded to tips from several community members identifying Lawrence Phipps, 24 years out of Antioch. A search of his residence revealed evidence connecting him to this crime.

This is an excellent example of what can happen when the police and the community come together to work as a team. As a community, we refuse to stand for this type of criminal behavior.


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  1. Most graffiti in Antioch sucks. We need more commissioned pieces like Hayward and other similarly large towns. Art is something that is an integral part of who we are, as we can see how upsetting this “art” is to our hearts. But all seriousness aside, this dude is foolish, especially as a 24 year old man. I know there’s an actual lynch mob of folks on here, but this can be washed away and he could do a lot of community service to make up for his mistakes.

    • Google him…he is a repeating criminal offender. Don’t want him in my community for any kind of service.

  2. I get it, you’re 24 and life isn’t going how you planned it and you take your anger out by making messages like this to stir up some civil unrest in these fast and complicated times. Unfortunately, this plan isn’t a good one either and he gets caught up. It’s not like he killed someone as many succumb to doing, and the actual graffiti looks like it’s done by someone half his age. I foresee him picking up a lot of trash in an orange vest in the near future to gain rehabilitation and much needed perspective.

  3. He is in violation of probation. Revoke it and put him in jail where he belongs. But our new da will not do that she is very soft on crime.

  4. A 24 year old loser. So many jobs available and he chooses this life. He is a waste of humanity. Jail him and stop defending this anti social behavior. Maybe he thought using a swastika would be blamed on another race or he is just plain stupid. Probably both. This is a good example to show youngsters to stay in school.

  5. He should be charged with hate crimes. A swastika is known to be for white supremacy. Just because he’s black they don’t charge him with a hate crime, that’s complete bullshit if he were white the tables would be turned an there would be a huge issue. He vandalized a church to top it off. But no let’s not go to far with the charges. This kid is a piece of s*** !!

  6. Can you imagine what would happen to him if he did this in Singapore? Maybe we should institute the type of punishment they deliver in that city-state. We would have no crime here at all.

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