Antioch Police Investigating Saturday Afternoon Fatal Shooting


The Antioch Police Department is investigating their first homicide of 2019 after police responded to multiple gunshots near the intersection of Peppertree Way and Sycamore Drive in the City of Antioch Saturday afternoon.

Police arrived on scene just before 2:00 pm where they located a 28-year-old male suffering from multiple gunshots. CPR was immediately performed by an officer on scene before firefighters and AMR arrived on scene.

According to police on scene, the male was later listed as deceased.

As of 4:00 pm, Pepptertree Way is shut down as police continue to investigate the shooting. no other injuries were reported. No further information was provided.


  1. A fatal shooting at Sycamore and Peppertree???? Really? I AM SHOCKED UNbelievable! That never happens! Someone must have gotten the news wrong!

  2. Probably an argument over something serious like a $5.00 sack of weed, you know this is an area for high level transactions.

  3. Just had gum fire over here off Crestwood. Called 911 they said they were busy shots rang out again called they said they were busy!!! Oh well hopefully the gang bangers aimed good and killed each other.

  4. You know all Disrespectful ass people this is somebody son this is somebody Daddy this is somebody’s family member matter fact it’s my husband’s family member and you guys are up here talking about there’s a five dollar sack of weed a bitch or gangbanging you lost your fucking mind I don’t care what anybody does in this world no one has the right to kill anybody

    • Your anger is misdirected. You should be angry at the person who committed murder. Freedom of speech.

    • Correct she should be directing her anger at the people who did this but she is directing her disgust how the human society who are “nice educated people” are speaking ill on a man who was a father was killed. Give a little respect. Now there are children walking around with a father. #Givethismanrespect #HeWasAMan

      • If he had been home looking after his children or at work doing his best to provide a good life for his children this would not have happened, how much respect for the responsibility of being a father was he showing? Respect goes to those who earn it, playing hood games doesn’t qualify for earning respect, it will however get you killed.

    • I won’t comment on “disrespectful ass people” comments because I refuse to argue with ghetto mentality.

    • Thank you people have no consideration for the family of the deceased that will see these hateful comments !

  5. Please y’all, save the smack talking for another time. Some one lost their life.

    To be frank I don’t care if it was drug or gang related. That was some ones child, father, brother. You don’t know, so please respect the deceased.

    • This was at least two people playing street games and one of them was prepared to play at a higher level, neither one of these people gave any consideration to being a parent, or a brother or sister or any of the normal behaviors of life, maybe your focus should be on their stupid decisions that are now making other people suffer. Reality is that if you play the game your chances of getting killed are much higher than if you behave yourself and strive to be a decent human being as opposed to a street level playa!!

      • I’ve lost more friends and fam to count. And you’re right about the streets. But with these comments ppl post I just say have some decency you know?

    • This is a public blog, not a memorial for the family. If you don’t like the comments – don’t read them. If you want to dictate to others how to post comments, start your own blog. I don’t care what you think.

  6. I stay on the block of Peppertree and I can tell you it’s nothing new. We been here a year and 4 months and heard shots like we were staying in Oakland. Some were hit but survived and some were hit to take their last breath (rip). Sad but true, I see and hear this almost on a daily, and question myself, why do we complain about the police killing our own and yet we out here killing our own. What’s the difference? You choose the lifestyle you better be ready for all the outcomes and consequences that come with it. Who knows he could’ve been just a innocent by stander and got hit, or he could’ve been the target, ither way it’s wrong. When are we going to put the fists up and the guns down.? Come on it’s life or death the you decide.

  7. Really, Decency? Where was their decency for not shooting at each other in a public area. Why don’t they go into an empty field and shoot at each other? I know sycamore is not the safest place and it is because of those assholes that make it bad. One more off the streets is a win for the system

  8. This is so fucked up, I hope they huuy up and get the mf who did this shit to my brother. You piece of shit.

  9. I keep talking about people sleeping in tents. These people use the canal for a trash dump. Get the trash out of our side of town. Sycamore, lemontree, peppertree.

  10. Antioch sucks. This happened right in front of three cameras and maintenance man told me friday they weren’t working either

    • well that’s what happens when a city has to foot the bill for the majority of the minorities of their families food stamps and most of the cost for broken and dysfunctional families housing

  11. People want to praise this man who was killed and say he was a great man?!?!?! I am sure great men don’t get gunned down on sycamore st for being “great”. Get a clue go put up some Jesus candles and spray graffiti all over the ground in his memory. Just like the great wonderful kid that got gunned down in front of lucky grocery store “while doing nothing” I am sure he was also a saint and destined to be a leader. Stop acting like hood rats and maybe you won’t get killed. I am sorry for his kids, because they didn’t deserve to be fathered by a piece of shit

  12. Is Antioch always going to be defined by its crime? Will Antioch never be anything more than a high crime city?

    • It use to be a nice place one could take pride in band have no fear of losing ones life …… But this is what happens when greedy city rulers want more money so they turn to human plight “Diversity” with government housing assistance in and bring too many of the wrong kind of people in to boost numbers for their favor
      you might not like what i say …. but numbers statistics don’t lie cheat steal and kill but many of people in Antioch do
      As long as the Majority of Minorities and the poor and uneducated in Antioch decide for themselves that they want something better for themselves and for their children NOTHING WILL GET BETTER ….JUST WORSE… and i have never witnessed Minorities or the poor or the uneducated try to do anything good for anyone but themselves or do anything to help their future when they know they can just have it handed to them for free without regard for how or who really has to pay for it

  13. He will be missed my two Grandsons and my new granddaughter will miss you Son. Things will be different for my daughter Rest In Peace JB. You were and are loved sad to see this happening to you to our families you are truly missed. I know some of you speak Ill will about this but ask yourself what am I doing to help the the problem this could be you and your family’s experience. Sometimes you need to think about your actions the person or people responsible for this soon your family will know my families pain and we all will be grieving it’s a sad day in the Eastbay., And for you negative speaking people it’s ok got to have weak haters inconsiderate people to make things interesting. Your negativity does nothing your words don’t hurt nothing hurts worse than loosing a child a dad a friend a loved one. No matter why he was there no matter the neighborhood we are dealing with the ultimate loss. So I say this have some human kindness because if you don’t you too will someday SOON feel my families pain.

    • The comments section of the internet is not the place to seek solitude. Total strangers leave their opinions, and they’re entitled to do that. If something happened to my family, I wouldn’t read the comments. Nor would I expect anonymous strangers online to show compassion. That’s what family, close friends and your church will do.

  14. Maybe if we can pull multiple officers from the Measure W situation to dedicate to these areas for constant patrolling, this could help bring the crime down. Park some officers there during the day, drive up and down the streets constantly during the night looking for people who may be causing problems… Its not that hard to make a presence known.

  15. Does anyone wonder why Antioch is so full of crime and violence ?
    Well lets take a look
    All anyone has to do is take a good look at the demographics then overlay the crime reports map with what groups/race dominate the problem areas
    You will know what group is the problem… I am not going to say what color the people are …But it rimes with FLACK
    To top it off just look at the Antioch Ca Employment by Race chart there seem to an overwhelming number of dark “colored” people that have no job of any kind and have nothing better to than SHIT WHERE THEY EAT and turn a once safe city and environment into their own personal human hunting ground where they feel like kings and Queens and see it as their own personal territory where they make the laws

    The problem can be fixed by separating the low income/IQ ,High crime problems into smaller “tribes” that are more spread out over greater distances so that the bad seeds can be singled out and be put where they belong
    But that’s never going to happen because facts are now racist if they imply the dark skinned plight we all see and have to deal with has anything to do with the crime we all have to cope with

  16. We are supposed to feel sorry for gang banger losing his life?!?!? If he was a good man he probably wouldn’t of been shot on sycamore dr. Just saying. Feel bad for his children they were born into a shit sandwich family

  17. My mom was one of the original owners of a place on Peppertree when the were 1st built. WAS a nice area. God, what a shit hole now. Sad what has happened to Antioch.

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