Antioch Police Investigating Fatal Shooting in Lucky’s Parking Lot


The Antioch Police Department is in the early stages of a homicide investigation Tuesday afternoon where a teen was shot and killed.

The shooting occurred around 4:00 pm in the parking lot of Lucky’s near the entrance of the store on E 18th Street across from Evergreen Ave where two people were in a vehicle when the shots were fired. One subject exited the vehicle and took off while the teen was deceased.

Police were attempting to locate the suspect but by 5:30 pm no one was in custody.

The windshield of the vehicle had at least two gunshots through it.  No further information is available and police are investigating the shooting.

This is the 7th homicide of 2018 in the City of Antioch.

6:30 pm Update
Antioch Police have confirmed the victim was a juvenile.



  1. This is confusing! What time did this occur? Was the kid who was killed in the car or not? Were the shots coming from somewhere else? Was it a drive-by? Did this happen IN the Lucky’s parking lot? Evergreen runs into E. 18th Street.

      • I read THIS article AND the one in the newspaper .. tomorrow’s edition. And, unlike you, I do COMPREHEND! Now, go put your head back where “the sun don’t shine!”

        • It’s very easy to understand. Lola is a whackjob on every thread. Calm down and learn how to read. All your questions were answered. We clear?

          • Melanie, if anyone is a whackjob, IT IS YOU. You couldn’t comprehend a stop sign! Reading skills have also eluded you. Act your age, sister! With advanced age, one needs to acquire some wisdom! Stop picking on youg people!

        • My comment was 25 minutes after the first comment. All the information was there. She can’t read or comprehend. She’s too hysterical, and she needs to relax.

    • Direct quotes from paragraph 2: “The shooting occurred around 4:00 pm in the parking lot of Lucky’s near the entrance of the store.” “Two people were in a vehicle when shots were fired.” “The teen was deceased.” Are your questions answered now?

      • CP, the first person to post something on here did NOT have this second version like you have now. What’s the matter with you people? You simply don’t pay attention. I would LOVE to have you as witness to cross-examine in court. I would tear you apart.

    • Lola did you not read the second paragraph?! It has the answers to every single one of your dumb questions. Sheeeesh

      • Lucky —- Today’s information was not the same as the first time they published it. Lola is right. It was confusing. If you talk with the employees at Lucky,’s you will find out that the first announcement was erroneous and confusing as well.

        • Lola is wrong. The second and third comments were 22 minutes and 25 minutes after her comment, and we read the article correctly. Quit making excuses for her.

    • It happened by the redbox video machine outside that’s where he was shot and killed who knows why they mentioned Evergreen I guess because they are dumb

  2. Look all bull shit aside this shit is way out of line cuz it took the cops 18 minutes to show up while that boy was dying gang or not I’m talking about the cops not being on the Johnny that’s the real issue they would of been there faster if they would of pulled someone over with no registration and expired tags would of been there in seconds I guess that’s just Antiochs finest for u NOW IS UNEXCEPTABLE OF THE COPS GETTING GOOD pay FOR ALL THEIR OVERTIME AND brand new suvs

  3. Rest easy lil man no matter what the case was no teenager deserves too lose their life sure it was over something petty god bless your family

  4. Gang related?lol. It sounds more like the rents getting to high out here and dumb muthafuckas can’t adjust without turning to crime

    • If that’s the case then please leave Antioch since your statement seems to highly imply that you live in this city; one less person of your attitude, judgement, and behavior would decrease the mal-conceptualization of Antioch.

  5. I have to agree with Lola. This part was confusing “one subject exited the vehicle and took off while the teen was deceased”. I had to reread it a few times. It sounded like the person exited the vehicle that the teen was in. Prayers to the family. Seven murders in Antioch this year is unacceptable.

    • Patricia, what miner? What was he mining? Gold? Copper? Silver? Where is the mine?

    • The windshield had at least two gunshots through it. What do you think? Did you read the article?

  6. The police were there within mins and secured the area for fire to come in which was at 4:13pm. This happened at approx 4-4:05pm. Don’t give the police a bad name when you don’t know and if you’re ever in a situation needing help who are you going to call?

    • This happened at 3:50pm I was right there when it happened. I saw it all. Two cop car passed us by before finally showing up it took 10 mins for police to arrive

  7. Thank you APD for all you do and try to do for our community. Very sad a young man lost his life.

  8. That kiddo took those bullets like any other thug. The took them well.
    Support Thug on Thug Crime 2018

  9. Apparently the victim, Omar, was in his car smoking a joint with another kid. A loud argument took place where the passenger got out of the car and walked in front of it. A witness said he heard about 6 shots fired (did not see the event). The shots were aimed at Omar going through the windshield. (The article says at least 2 gunshots went through it.) The witness saw the shooter run off.

  10. Initially had the same reaction as Lola. . .finally figured out that, for me, this is not a comprehension issue, it’s a refusal to believe this is happening issue. My eyes were seeing print, but my brain said, “Nope, no kid got shot and died at our local Lucky’s on a lovely, sunny afternoon. Not happening.” Unfortunately, the facts remained after the denial dissipated.

    • Maybe he was a thug, maybe he wasn’t. Still he took all those bullets like a champ.

      Thug life, One life.

      Support thug on thug crime 2018

  11. Hey FTP, u was da one dat got pulled over for no registration and had fake tags wit no L’s. Now if u was rollin legit then popo woulda got der on time and Lil homie would be alive. It’s yo fault FTP. Stop driving dirty and getn pulled over so popo can get to more important shit on time.

  12. Wow!!! Some of y’all are some heartless pricks that need to be locked up. The fact is that a young man’s life was taken away from dumb ass shit. This is not a city problem this is a parental problem and community problem. These youth have no direction and are being counted out from the jump, while we just watch them self destruct. Teach Love Provide Protect Mold. This gang banging and Wild West bullshit only lasts until you’re locked up or dead!

  13. I can only speak for myself but I called the police for a domestic at 11 PM, no one arrived so I called back a second time as my ex came back and began threatening and harrassing me some more, the cops still didn’t show! Finally at 1:45 AM I called back and informed them that the subject had left and I had work in the morning so forget it. I think about the woman and her mother who were murdered back in July by an ex boyfriend, shit my ex could have had enough time to kill me, bury my body and then stop by Starbucks for a coffee before Antioch PD showed up. Note to APD: people only do what you allow them to do, clearly if people are being killed in grocery store parking lots in the afternoon clearly there is not enough law enforcement on the steeets or police aren’t being taken seriously so it looks like someone isn’t doing their job

  14. Kathy stop giving it up to your ex. That’s why he keeps coming back. Popo shows up and then the next day, you back with your ex giving it up like a good girl has to. This thread is about a kid that was taken too soon. No one wants to hear your baby daddy drama. He proly in your bed right now…

  15. This is so sad that this young man was killed, he had a lot more to live for, he left behind a family that is now grieving for their lost son. I remember hearing shots coming from the parking lot area while I was walking down the alley near Kimball Elementary School and looking around and ducking down so I was not hit by any stray bullet, I did see a young African male running with a black hood on running down the ally with his head looking towards the ground, he passed me up and then took a right on to E 16th St , I went to see where he went and he was just just taking a right on Marie Ave going towards E 18th St. After that he was out of my sight, I starred walking back where I was going and saw people looking over their cars, coming out the Lucky’s to see what unfolded, then mins later I seen APD flying towards the the scene. Rest In Peace to the young man.

    • Where his pants down to the bottom of his butt? With his soiled underwear showing? I mean the one you saw in the alley near Kimball Elementary?

      • Can’t be sure about it, but he had to of had a belt on because he didn’t pull up his pants, you would expect someone carrying a handgun to proceed to pull their pants as the weight of the weapon would pull down.

        • Simonpure … Thanks for pointing that out. I saw it after posting … of course, the word should “were”

  16. There aren’t cameras inside the Red Box machine (like, for instance, an ATM) but there’s going to be a camera that was pointed directly at the Red Box area, for obvious reasons. There’s going to be plenty of airtight evidence.

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