Antioch Police Investigating Armed Robbery at T-Mobile Store, Suspect Vehicle Located in Oakland


On Friday at 10:33 am, Antioch Police officers were dispatched to 3333 Deer Valley Road on the report of an armed robbery at the T-Mobile Store.

Witnesses reported that four armed suspects entered the T-Mobile business and stole several cell phones. Afterwards, the suspects entered a vehicle and fled from the area.

According to John Fortner, Interim Lieutenant, Antioch officers located the vehicle westbound on HWY 4 and a vehicle pursuit ensued. The vehicle was followed into the City of Oakland and was ultimately recovered on a surface street.

The vehicle was unoccupied at the time officers located and contacted it.

Forner said at this time no suspects have been arrested in connection with this crime. During the course of this incident no officers or civilians were injured.

The robbery is currently under investigation and no further information was released.


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