Antioch Police Arrest Pair of Carjacking Suspects, Alleged Kidnapping


On July 29, the Antioch Police Department arrested two suspects in an alleged carjacking and kidnapping that occurred in the City of Pittsburg.

Police reportedly responding to the area of A Street and W 20th where e man said while in Pittsburg, two men reportedly carjacked him and kidnapped him.  Police took the limited information and began searching for the vehicle.

Several hours later, police located the vehicle in the Sycamore area and detained Robert Williams, 39, who was arrested for carjacking and kidnapping during carjacking. Meanwhile, William Millard, 25 was arrested for carjacking.

Although the case originated in Pittsburg, Antioch Police took over the investigation.



  1. This article needs to be corrected as well as any others that have been posted with such blasphemy

  2. I agree with Kevin. This was all a mistake, so for the sake of everyone involved you need to publicly acknowledge the fact that it was a mistake

  3. What Happened to getting all the facts before printing it. Obviously before printing something so serious fact check Update this article sooner the better

  4. The article looks pretty straight forward. If that is what APD did, it’s a good article. There were arrests and that’s it. No one said anyone was convicted or guilty. If it was a mistake then it will come out. If not, society demands it go through due process and the disposition will be made public.

  5. Why is it when people criticize the media, the comments contain spelling and grammatical errors? I think I know the answer to my own question. Defending kidnapping and carjacking? The level of ignorance.

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