Antioch: Motorcyclist Killed on W 10th Street


A man who was performing a wheelie down W. 10th Street near H Street prior to a crash was killed Thursday afternoon in Antioch.

The incident occurred at 3:38 pm where it was reported that a motorcyclist who was traveling eastbound was struck by a vehicle and was down in the roadway.  Shortly after the call came in, Antioch Police were in CPR attempting to revive the motorcyclist and were unsuccessful.

The vehicle involved in the crash stopped and was fully cooperating with police who are currently investigating the incident. It’s also unclear if the vehicle and motorcyclist collided or he lost control.

According to eye-witnesses on scene, the motorcyclist was performing a wheelie for several blocks before the crash occurred at W 10th and H St. but was not in the process of a wheelie at the time of the crash.

The roadway was expected to be closed for several hours and no official information was released by Antioch Police.

Update per Antioch Police:

Antioch Police said drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor in the fatal crash that killed a 43-year-old man.  The incident is still under investigation.


Anyone who may have witnessed the collision is encouraged to contact the Antioch Police Department at (925)778-2441. You may also text a tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using key word ANTIOCH



    • I have read the comments on Facebook they are disgusting about 80% is garbage. Bottom line is that sons are with out a father and wife with out her husband a mother with out her son. No matter what happened today it is tragic. I will not go into details with strangers of what I saw. They will stay with me for the rest of my life. Sorry for the loved ones God speed.

      • Hi Dana would you be willing to talk to motorcyclist wife or family. They are my very close friends, they still don’t know exactly what happened. In fact they didn’t even know he was in an accident when this article was posted.

      • I am his wife, would you mind sharing with me what you know? I have already spoke with another witness, I just want to hear it all

  1. Inflammatory headline. This was my family and according to the APD he was not doing a wheelie at the time of the accident, regardless of if he was doing one earlier or not people need to keep their derogatory comments to themselves. The FB post already had to be deleted once because of all the poor taste comments. My cousin is without her husband tonight and her boys without their dad. Think about how you would feel if you were them. :/

  2. Sounds like this individual put the community in great danger by his actions. Glad no innocent citizens we’re injured

  3. Thank you Dana
    He was my cousin and it’s hard to read some of the comments.
    I just keep reading to find out more info on what happened and it’s hard enough to put it all together
    This is a tragic day for my family
    And his.
    I’m sorry you saw the accident. In another article it said they are looking for witnesses, if you haven’t talked to the police will you please put my family more at peace by calling and giving info on what you saw.

  4. I’m guessing he just “made a mistake” and people are being too quick to judge him. Seems typical whenever someone shows off and does what they aren’t supposed to do. Forget the fact that riding a moto is already dangerous and death is around the corner each time you rev the motor. But popping wheelies for several blocks? Let me guess, he was on his way to church and his moto just “happened” to hit that wheelie and for several blocks! Can’t he just have a chance? Why does the public misunderstand him? He’s not such a bad guy! He’s loved and missed by his family. He made a mistake! Yes, a mistake that cost him his life. A mistake he probably performed several times without issue and this was his last. A mistake that, had he stopped cheating death, wouldn’t have cost him the ultimate price. I always feel bad for the deceased because he/she does leave behind loved one now affected by their decisions or the decisions of others. It’s that knowledge this fella chose to ignore and better judgement he chose to throw away prior to his death. Was he showing off? Reckless? Endangering everyone on the road he shared himself included. Yes, yes and yes! Did he deserve to die? No, but it is the price for his foolishness and the consequences of his actions when he knew better and the risks. If nothing else comes from this, let it be a serious lesson to this man’s family and anyone else willing to take heed: You could be next! If you don’t want this to happen to you, don’t do what he did and think you’re going to cheat death every time. Even death has a time limit and when it’s time to pay the check, you will!

  5. @ Russell is that all you can think of is his actions put the community in danger. In my opinion you have no heart at all. I was out there the day this man died and me being a fellow motorcyclist I was hurt due to what I saw. He did not put anyone in harms way. He was riding his bike doing what he love and got hit by a dumb ass driver that wasn’t paying attention to the road. Hell he had the right of way. I don’t even know him but a lot of people that is leaving these comments if you don’t know what happened and wasn’t there to help him when he went down, keep your comments to yourself and show some respect for his family. EAST COUNT TODAY really!!! Wheelie Poppin y’all make it seem like it was the wheelie that got him killed I think NOT even if he wasn’t doing a wheelie he still wouldn’t have survived. Show some respect and change the headline!

    • Well put Mz.Punisher. This man was my neighbor. A wheelie had nothing to do with it – Period. What about the asses that put all our lives in danger by texting and driving. No one says anything about that now do they. People are so quick to judge.

  6. I witnessed everything and was the first to assist him by blocking traffic and trying to help. This guy knew his bike real well. He was very skilled with his bike and knew what he was doing. If he had 1/2 a second longer to get past that other car, he would have made it, just was no time to adjust. I did not know him, but knowing fellow bikers I could tell he was a nice guy. My heart goes out to his family. Peace to you all

  7. They who live in glass houses should not throw stones! I pray for peace and comfort for all involved. So very sorry to hear that someone lost their life.

  8. I was near by and an orang red weird color car was driving very recklessly in the wrong lane completely going twords on coming traffic almost had head on collision next to bonfair he then went tword city park I hope that car wasent the one who hit him

  9. So he was riding a wheelie staring from bonfare market going east on tenth street. There was a silver car on H street that was either going straight or turning. The man on the motorcycle was in the act of trying to come down from the wheelie and he couldn’t react fast enough and clipped the back passenger end of the silver car. There was no I repeat no truck trailing a boat until the end of the accident where he drove up to the scene and was turned around by police. I don’t know where people are coming up with the truck and boat? Never the less this is a horrible tragic loss of life and no matter what the man was doing he didn’t deserve to pass that way. Believe what ever you wish yes o have told the police what I seen with my two eyes while witnessing the whole thing!!! APD obviously has some better tips from a group of children conducting a car was around the block that came running up while performing CPR to see the accident. Sorry for your loss!

  10. This is a very sad story and my condolences go out to his family. I’m a rider that often routes my rides through there and the quick succession of blind intersections are a hazard. I hope all involved can get through the mental torture of this tragic event.

  11. There was no truck trailing a boat that caused the accident. I am deeply sorry for your loss he was riding a wheelie starting from bonfare market, a car was pulling off H st he couldn’t put down the bike fast enough to react he clipped the back of the silver car. I will save the rest of the details. By the time I came up to Matt he was already gone. The police arrived 1 min later fumbleing with there cpr masks and flipped him over and attempted cpr. There was a crazy man directing traffic and started a fight with a black male trying to get by. (Because police didn’t set up a perimeter) as I was walking to the female police officer to give my information I than seen a Truck towing a boat come up to the accident but he was just trying to get through. The cops turned him around and he never caused the accident. No matter what happened This man didn’t deserve to pass that way. I will never get the images out of my head and wish only the best for his family.

  12. I am shocked they are saying they are looking for a truck towing a boat! The Truck with the boat showed up way after the accident and just happened to be driving by the scene of the accident and was turned down H st by the POLICE. The individual was traveling at a high rate of speed while riding a wheelie. There was a silver care on H st that stopped at the stop sign and proceeded across 10th. The motorcyclist could not set the bike down fast enough to maneuver around the car and clipped the back passenger side of the vehicle. The images of the accident will never be unseen in head. When I got to the man he was lying there and he had no pulse. The police officer showed up promptly and performed CPR with negative results. There was a angry man yelling at cars that were trying to get by the accident because the police didn’t secure the T/A. I spoke to the female officer and to my surprise they were under the impression that the man had a “heart attack” and lost control of his bike, when all the time this lady with rear end damaged was parked on H street in shock at what just happened. I gave the police my information and told them what had happened. I don’t know where and when this “truck” came into play but he had not Nothing to do with the accident. I am also very disgusted and disappointed to all the parents that thought it was a good idea to walk their children up the the scene and stare at this man laying in the street. I feel very sorry for the family and no matter what this man was doing he didn’t deserve this nor did he deserve the slander of his good name!!!

  13. I can see why crashes occur frequently on W. 10th. I’ve seen many cars driven erratically there in both directions. Therefore, I avoid that street altogether. The worst area is around the Bonfaire market! I’ve seen people running from that parking lot across the street without so much as looking in both directions before crossing. Also, that street is way too narrow (one lane each way) for people to make left turns and get 10 cars stuck behind them. The city needs to make that street a “right turn ONLY” street like they have in New Orleans. Very sorry for the loss of a loved one. My condolences.

  14. I wonder if this guys family is going to apologies to all the people they have slandered when the final report comes out. I understand their grief but to blame others for causing his death when so many people witnessed him riding erratic is sad.

    I really hope that if the accident investigation find the deceased person responsible at fault that is closes this whole situation but after read many of his family posts I fear they will still continue to blame this driver and try to hold him liable. The comments from some of the readers and many of the family have been nothing but down right ugly.

  15. I will do anything to avoid driving on W. 10th Streets as well as on “A” Street. There are way too many people driving recklessly there. If I have to head for the Pittsburg-Antioch highway, I go through a roundabout way but I get there in one piece.

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