Antioch Marina Announces New Kayak Facilities


On May 24, the City of Antioch installed a brand new kayak launch and storage thanks to a grant they received last fall through the San Francisco Bay Water Trail.

The goal was to enhance non-motorized boat facilities along the city’s waterfront which resulted in a construction grant for the amount of $31,835 for the Marina Kayak Launching Facility.

Among the newly-installed amenities funded by the Water Trail are a kayak launch and storage facilities for kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and canoes.  A second dual-lane launch dock will be delivered soon. In total, the Kayak storage can hold 20-kayaks.

City Parks and Recreation Commissioner Sandra Kelly is pleased that these amenities are now available to the residents of Antioch and kayak enthusiasts.

“It’s great to have even more recreation opportunities for our residents,” said Kelly. “When all of the kayak amenities are installed, this will be one of the best kayak facilities in all of Northern California. What better place to kayak than on the delta.”

According to Marina Manager James Pflueger, small boat storage is rare in the Bay Area, and the new storage racks will fill fast.  Special introductory rates are part of the marina’s mission to be “The Best Deal on the Delta.”

Pflueger is happy to announce that the marina will also host kayak tours, classes, and lessons.  Launch facilities are free for cartop boats and the marina serves visiting kayak clubs and groups as well as the general public.

To read more about Antioch Marina’s designated status on the San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail visit Antioch Marina



  1. Awsome! Now the homeless bums and drug addicts can go kayaking in their spare time while I slave away to pay my tax bill.

  2. Please tour the marinas along the San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail. Is Antioch Marina on par or better than them? You be the judge.

  3. This is the funniest thing I have seen this city do in weeks. All the things needed in this city and we are wasting time on this.

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