Antioch: Man Shot on Highway 4 Drives Himself to Hospital


On Friday, Sept. 8, at about 9:34 PM a freeway shooting occurred on SR-4 eastbound around Somersville Road in Antioch according to the City of Antioch.

The driver in the victim vehicle was struck and his passenger was not.

According to Officer Brandon Correia, Public Information Officer, the victim drove himself and passenger to a local hospital in Antioch.  An unknown suspect vehicle with unknown occupants fled the scene and continued on SR-4 eastbound.

CHP arrived on scene and at the hospital to contact the victim.  The male driver had indeed been shot in his upper extremity and his injury was non life threatening. CHP also inspected the victims vehicle and it did appear that it had been shot.

CHP also shut down areas of SR-4 by Somersville Road to search for, locate, and secure evidence located at the scene.

This is still an ongoing investigation and are still investigating whether this was a targeted shooting or an isolated road rage incident.

No further information was available.



  1. What happened to all the security cameras which are supposed to be mounted along the I-4 freeway to be able to catch culprits who shoot at people? What happened to THAT plan?