Antioch: Man in Critical Condition After Shooting on Putnam Street

Photo provided by Margie Waldhaus

On June 20 at 8:15 pm Antioch Police were dispatched to the 1000 Block of Putnam Street on the report of a shooting.

Upon arrival Officers found a 34 year old, Antioch man on the sidewalk, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.  The victim was transported to an area hospital where he is being treated and is listed in critical condition.

According to acting police Sergeant Michael Mortimer, this investigation is in its early stages and no further information will be released at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Antioch Police Department non-emergency line at (925)778-2441. You may also text-a-tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using the key word ANTIOCH.



  1. Antioch police should”up hold the law”. The countless things that get swept under the rug just cause they have a badge and uniform is sad, sad and terrifying that a POLICE OFFICER can do any crime even MURDER! Without consequence. Not saying cops are all alike some are gudd caring officers but very few have the ability to separate the gudd the bad and the ugly. Filing a complaint is not satisfactory nor will it compensate the loss of a loved one but getting their name and badge # then file a complaint against them can make a difference might. Not rite away but it all make a difference it does MATTER . Don’t let it get swept under the rug FIGHT BACK!

    {According to acting police Sergeant Michael Mortimer, this investigation is in its early stages and no further information will be released at this time.}
    What they didn’t say is that the ” sergeant is a dirty crooked officer but cause he’s a “man of the law ” they won’t say that but I Wil f*@% the PO PO RIP ROBERT JOHN BAUGHMAN aka “BRILLO”. Not a day that passes that your death and your absence isn’t heavy on my heart. I have NEVER spent a fathers day or any Holliday with my father wish I knew the officers on duty that left him to drown in the canal didn’t even call for help and they were at the hospital WTF rite. Rip Charles burns Lee Peterson David Lopez nate banks

  2. Why Is Michael Mortimer working? He just shot and killed someone. Aren’t they supposed to go on adminestrated leave after they are involved in shooting someone, especially if it results in a death?

  3. Because they dont give a fuck about anybody to them ,the police , they say “hes a peice of shit”, “hes been in trouble with the law before”, but that doesnt give them the right to shoot and kill someone, at the end of the day thats someones son, father, grandchild!! This is just crazy!!

    • at end of the day this guy was also a career criminal not some damn saint. irregardless of his personal situation getting pulled over then fleeing with a gun in your hand is asking to be shot dead. no sympathy

  4. Instead of complaining about the police why don’t you get off your butt and walk in their shoes. If people didn’t do crime they wouldn’t be put it the situations they end up in. POWER TO THE POLICE

  5. At an early age your taught to listen and do what your told, to follow rules/orders. We have rules in everything we do, work, driving, in our homes, streets, parks, businesses, wherever we go there are always rules we have to follow. These officer involved shootings are do to the ones that don’t like to be told what to do, whether it’s a parent, friend or an officer of the law, these disrepectful scumbags just want to be tough guys and not do what their told to do. They aren’t just the blacks or Latinos , their white too. There isn’t a cop that is going to ask you to do something and wait for an answer if he knows there is a potential danger to any public that may be close by or himself. These shootings workshop happen if they would just do what there asked. Instead of running away holding there pants up and a gun in the other hand. Chris Rock had a great video on UTube about this and if you don’t have anything to hide and abide by the law you won’t have anything to worry about. Most of these are repeat offenders that don’t mind going back to jail over and over. That’s where their fashion of pants showing half their ass and dirty boxers came from their special cell with their number on the wall.

  6. I just know that Officer Or Sergeant Mortimer should be on administrative leave after he killed Nathan Banks. I also know that Mortimer has known Nathan Banks for alot of years and harassed him in front of my house on Cavallo Rd.. He accused Nate of having weapons or a pound of weed on him and Nate had absolutely nothing illegal on him. The night he killed Nate..Nathan Banks DID NOT HAVE A GUN ON HIM. APD DOES GET AWAY WITH MURDER..SAD BUT TRUE

  7. Not to mention that mortimer beat him with his flashlight b4 he even exited the vehicle that was completely uncalled for if he saw a gun then why not shot him there instead of pulling out your flashlight and using it as a weapon …because he didn’t see a gun… Rest in paradise Nathan we love you and you will forever be in our hearts. Hopefully justice will prevail and Mortimer who just came back from being suspended for the same type of excessive force will be stripped of his badge.

  8. Lol its not like the police are killing rocket scientists or emergency room doctors.

    Basically the police are culling the herd of the slowest, dumbest, least worth, etc. Its totally natural process.

  9. There is huge concern and outrage from the community regarding this murder. Where is the body cam yes please produce this from the pull over to the end. Why is it not being produced because Nathan was NOT asked to stay in the vehicle due to him having a weapon visibly out in the open. The actual of the incident is Mr. mortimer asked Nathan to step out of the vehicle, the two are well acquainted through the past years. When someone or myself gets pulled over with warrants or probation it is proper protocol to request that the person step out of the vehicle in order to search the person under warrant or probation. Nate refused to get out of the vehicle, Mr. Mortimer then hit Nathan with his flashlight in order to intimidate Nathan from the vehicle, with that Nathan then flees the vehicle for his life knowing Mortimers trigger happy past and if im not mistaking wasnt this Mortimers first few days back on duty after relief from duty for shooting another individual. They cannot say wether a gun was brandished because a handgun was not on Nathan at all, or in his vehicle, and Mortimer is the one with a vest on, so with Nathan not having a gun what could Nathan really have possibly done on the front porch of someones home weaponless. All Nathan had was his words why it mentoons confrontation prior to Mortimer Murdering behind his badge. Nathans words were sharp and slick as well as knowledgeable. Again him amd Mortimer had a past and knew each other. Mortimer in the end didnt like what was said so then in return decided he would do as he has done a few times before and pull the trigger 4x. If im not mistaken when it comes to homicide and murder cases etc. doesnt a murder that amounts to one done out of anger define by shots being fired multiple times into the other person. There was only one shooter Mortimer. Nathan had no weapon why he made sure if Mortimer was going to do as he has done before it will be on someones front porch so they know he in fact had no weapon and Mortimer will finally be noted for the murderer he is. Next question the fiance of Nathan. Did anyone look at her facebook. Why 2 days prior is she speaking of going on a date with a cop, then posts that she “informed her date of what he would be up against” then that her date gave her “strong words” in relation to this. Then there is a post of her in front of the Antiich Police Station. Also, why the hell was Michael Mortimer acting as police sergeant after this on June 20, for a 34 year old man found in the street with multiple gun shot wounds off of Putnam 4 days after murdering Nate. He should be on leave due to pending investigation. Right?????

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