Antioch: Man Arrested for Jumping onto Repossessed Vehicle


At roughly 2:50 pm Tuesday afternoon, the Antioch Police Department responded to a tow truck driver who was performing a repossession of a vehicle where a male subject jumped onto the vehicle as the tow truck driver was leaving.

The tow truck driver tried to get the male subject off the vehicle by swerving and stopping but was unsuccessful. The driver also reported that the male subject broke equipment on the truck. The driver eventually pulled over into the 7-11 Parking lot on Lone Tree Way and Hillcrest where police took the man into custody.

The repossession company originally would not let the woman grab anything out of the vehicle as it had been repossessed, but after some pleading, the man kindly allowed her to take the car seat out of the vehicle.



  1. The man is very lucky he did not get run over by the truck. Pay your bills and this would never happen

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