Antioch: Man Arrested After Child Abduction Attempt, Vandalizing Girlfriends Vehicle


At roughly 9:00 pm Monday, the Antioch Police Department responded to the 5700 block of Lone Tree Way for a report of a possible child abduction attempt.

Police say that a 25-year-old man out of Oakland attempted to grab his 3-year-old son from his girlfriend, an Oakland resident, at Target in Antioch. Citizens nearby intervened and stopped him. The man then proceeded into the parking lot where he vandalized the girlfriends vehicle and fled the scene prior to police arrival.

The man reportedly went back to Oakland before returning to Antioch where at 11:15 pm officers tried to detain him, however, a pursuit ensued. He was later detained in the City of Pittsburg attempted to flee from officers.

The identity of the man was not released by police as its still an open investigation.

Check back for updates.



  1. Does anyone have any possible solutions to the problems? Or any ideas to make things better? Many people may have moved out this way to get away from big city problems. They have no control over those problems following and tracking them down.

      • The_Dude you’re very wise, I’m interested to hear any suggestions you have. As a community we will all find the courage together, once things gain momentum in the right direction others will get involved at some level.
        It can be as simple as picking up trash that has be left by others on our own street. It shows pride in where one lives. Other will follow.

  2. We don’t live in Antioch or Pittsburg, but not everyone from Oakland is moving away to get away from “big city problems.” Some are forced out by gentrification.

    Yes, while blacks and Hispanics can’t wait to get out of the inner city, you have stupid white people moving into West Oakland (gentrification – they can easily afford to live elsewhere) and they CHOOSE to live in the hood. They drive up property values, and raise rent where low income residents are forced out.

    Gentrification is a JOKE.

    • I don’t see how this is not good.
      the process of renovating and improving a house or district.
      “an area undergoing rapid gentrification”
      the process of making a person or activity more refined or polite.
      “soccer has undergone gentrification”

      • Gentrification is NOT GOOD because it forces low income minorities out of their own neighborhoods. Then they move to cities like Pittsburg and Antioch and bring problems to the suburbs that nobody wants to deal with.

        Then white people in the inner city call the Oakland police on a regular basis (wasting taxpayer dollars) because they get nervous when they see “black people in the neighborhood.” If you can’t handle black people in your neighborhood, what the heck are you doing in the ghetto?

        I’m in favor of “renovating and improving” but not when it forces people out (raising the rents) and bringing those problems to the suburbs.

        Improving the inner city shouldn’t be “letting the white folks take over.” That’s not my definition of “improvement.” Improving the inner city would be improving the lives of minorities that live there. We already know most white people have their act together, including me.

        Gentrification brings more problems than what it’s worth. They’re going about improvement all wrong.

        • Nick, thanks for your perspective, you bring up very valid points. These are the types of problems that often are overlooked and pushed aside. These are the issues that city officials fail to address due to their own wants. Thanks for an intelligent conversation.

  3. Why when a post says the person is from Oakland you assume they are out here on section 8. I’m from Oakland and I have been living in the area for about 24 years. No section 8, 6 children, a job and a business. So what does moving from Oakland have to do with anything??? I know people born and raised in this area on section 8, committing murders, selling drugs, etc. so all you racist (yes racist because when it says Oakland you automatically assume they are black or Mexican) need to get off your high horse. There is crime EVERYWHERE. Read the news from other areas, states, etc. Antioch is not exempt, nor is any area.

    • Data doesn’t seem to suggest that crime is everywhere. Let’s talk in terms of how likely you are to be a victim of violent crime city by city per category (assault, robbery etc…). This is actually already online and plenty of sites have crime indices for each category by zip code or heat-map (Trulia). I can assure you I’ve already looked and the data is so lopsided can’t decide if I should laugh or cry.

      Bay-area crime is concentrated in geographic areas that we are all well aware of, Oakland, Richmond, Antioch, Stockton etc… If one event per year occurs in Alamo/Danville, I wouldn’t exactly equate that with a serious crime problem there, would you ?

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