Antioch Makes it Official, Tammany Brooks Named Police Chief

File Photo: In 2014, Tammany Brooks was promoted to Captain

On Friday, Antioch City Manager, Ron Bernal, named Tammany Brooks as the Antioch Chief of Police effective May 14, 2017.

Brooks has been serving in the capacity of Interim Chief since the retirement of former Chief Allan Cantando.

“It is a dream come true. I have wanted to be police chief for the city of Antioch my entire career,” said Brooks. “I am deeply humbled and honored to serve as this city’s police chief and will do my best to make everybody who supported me and continue to support me proud.

Chief Brooks has been a dedicated member of the Antioch Police Department for 22 years.

Brooks stated he has always wanted to work for the Antioch Police Department and was hired as a police trainee who was sponsored through the academy.  He credits the reputation for excellence and knew it was the only department he wanted to work for and continue to build that reputation for excellence.

He noted that almost everyone in the organization has had some level of impact on him in one way or another while over the years he had a number of mentors such as Retired Captain Leonard Orman, Sergeant Tom Fuhrmann, and retired police Chief Allan Cantando.

“I owe a lot to where I am today to retired police chief Dave Lewis who hired me, retired police chief Mark Moczulski who saw something in me and gracious enough to promote me twice which contributed to my success. I can’t even speak highly enough about Chief Cantando.  He is the person who took me under his wing and mentored me to put me in prime position to be where I am today and I owe a great deal of gratitude to him.

Having said all that, Brooks also realizes the importance of everybody in the police department continuing in one way or another admitting there are way to many people to give credit to name.

“Success for me is not reflective in my actions, but our entire agency. We are where we are today not because of me, but because of the agency and the talented men and women who work there which I just think the world of,” explained Brooks.

Antioch Mayor Sean Wright was pleased with the announcement.

“I am excited to officially have our team in place with Tammany Brooks being named police chief,” said Wright. “He is prepared and ready to lead our police force to help make our community safer.

Bernal noted that as an Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain, Brooks has served in virtually every capacity within the Department, emphasizing that this appointment is critical to Antioch’s continued growth and success.

“Chief Brooks is the right person and has what it takes to successfully lead the talented men and women of the Antioch Police Department. With over 20 years of loyal service to the City, he has proven himself as a team player who is committed to taking an outstanding department and making it even better. His integrity and no nonsense approach to the job are just two of the reasons Chief Brooks is so highly respected among his peers and the community. Elevating Chief Brooks from within our own ranks is a testimony to the quality of personnel we have within our own ranks. Rising up from humble beginnings, Chief Brooks epitomizes what can happen through hard work, commitment and the pursuit of excellence.”

Chief Brooks is also the City’s first African American Police Chief. Brooks holds a Masters Degree in Leadership, as well as being a graduate of distinguished law enforcement programs, including the Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP) of Boston and the FBI National Academy.



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