Antioch KMART to Close in November


This November, KMART in Antioch will be closing as part of a plan by Sears which will close 13 KMART locations and 33 Sears stores in November.

KMART in Antioch is located 3625 East 18th Street. Going-out-of-business sales will begin as soon as Aug. 30. Also in Antioch, they are effective immediately no longer offering West Union or new layaway orders according to a sign on the front of their doors.

In January, Sears announced it would shutter more than a 100 stores, then announced another round of nearly 100 stores in May.

In total, four KMART stores in California will close including Antioch. The others are in Spring Valley, Clovis, and Los Angeles. As for Sears, only one in California will close and that is in Santa Cruz.


  1. Simonpure: Many years ago! Try at least 30. It was wonderful when my kids were kids. And they are very old now.

  2. Flashdance was great on the big big screen, Harry and the Henderson’s too. So there’s when I’d shut down. Those legs tho….

  3. The last movie I saw at the Antioch Drive-In, was Jurassic Park. That puts it at 25 yrs ago. I don’t remember when it closed in relation to that though.

  4. The drive-in was 1950 through 1994 where the Kmart and storage facility are now. It had three screens and could have as many as 1,000 cars. Memories!

  5. Long over due. That store should have been closed years ago. Not quite sure what to replace it with right now.

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