Antioch High School JV Football Game Cancelled Due to Sexual Assault and Bullying


Antioch High School Principal Louie Rocha announced Wednesday that the JV football game between Antioch and Deer Valley has been cancelled. The game was scheduled for Thursday.

Details of the incident were not provided and its unclear what type of disciplinary actions the school will take as it none were stated.

A message from Principal Louie Rocha of Antioch High School:

Please note that due to the misconduct of several members of the Antioch High JV football team, the game vs. Deer Valley for this Thursday has been canceled.

Antioch High does not condone or tolerate any level of sexual assault and bullying. Any students involved in this type of unacceptable behavior will be held accountable. At our school, we take pride in offering and exposing our students to educational and awareness programs on these topics.

For example, we recently hosted the Consent is Everything assembly for all our male students. Antioch Police Det. Brian Rose and motivational speaker and former NFL player Anthony Trucks spoke about the seriousness of sexual assault awareness, making good choices and respecting all.

Thank you for your support of Antioch High School.

No other information about the incident was released nor was a statement on if players would be allowed to play in future games.



  1. New title:

    “Antioch High School JV Football Game Cancelled Due to ‘Brock Turner-ing’ and Bullying”

  2. I don’t understand how a football game would be canceled because of a few students athletes. The football game should go forward without those specific players.

    • Especially after spending millions on that stadium. They should be using that field for everything, even classes.

  3. Keep those kids off the field.!!!!
    Move on without them! Chance are they don’t care anyway or they would not have been behaving this way.

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