Antioch: Four Injured in Vehicle Crash on Hillcrest Ave


At 10:34 am Sunday, Contra Costa County firefighters responded to a report of a vehicle crash on southbound Hillcrest Ave near Davison in the City of Antioch.

Upon arrival, firefighters located one vehicle on its side and another vehicle that apparently went into a tree with a total of four patients.

The incident shutdown southbound Hillcrest and requested four AMR units on scene for two patients who sustained moderate injuries and two others who required medical attention–including a pregnant female.

The roadway was expected to be closed for several hours. No further information was provided at the scene by Antioch Police.



  1. I was in front of the silver car right when this happened. I literally saw the black car in opposite direction barreling through cars loosing control at a high rate of speed, and fly over the medium flipping completely in the air. It’s a miracle everyone is for the most part okay! Def slow down people!!

    • Melissa, that is scary! Glad you were not caught up in that. I avoid Hillcrest and Davison like the plague. I see how people drive there — like there’s no tomorrow! I’ve seen drivers lose control in that area many times and during those times, they managed to regain it. I also don’t drive during high traffic times, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen during slower times. One just has to be extremely defensive and keep one’s eyes open. Things can happen in a flash! Police should identify the areas where these crashes happen often and patrol them more often.

  2. Gotta slow down. Wish we had regular traffic enforcement in town. Not just the special, one time only events.

  3. U know I just want to say this no disrespect to any one!!!people get on here and see something and assume that they know what actually happens the people stop being quick to judge to seem to know what happened you really wasn’t there!!!! You know it’s sad that this accident happened I mean thank God that nobody died in this accident be thankful that it that it wasn’t one of your children or one of your family members that was in this vehicle.. how would you react to this post here???? Think about it!!!!! How would you feel if you got a phone call and you was wearing those shoes come on let’s be real on this?? And I’m not saying this to disrespect anybody to make anybody feel some type of way I’m just saying damn!!!!! I think the good Lord that he had his hand on these babies life is way too short imma in this cuz I can go on but yeah peace Love we as people let’s be sensitive to one another’s pain

    • People who have family or, friends that are involved in an accident are going to hear about it one way or another.
      Unfortunately, I witnessed this accident yesterday just seconds after it occurred.

      I know one thing was for sure, I would have one of our neighbors run home and report this incident on “Nextdoor” app.

      The driver of the SUV was obviously frustrated and chose to drive like an idiot. She put the lives of many people in jeopardy, including us that she did not smash into.
      So Moma Dee, if you know this person, (which I suspect you do), you might want to let her know that we wish her a speedy recovery and we also hope she learns to have respect for others’ safety and well being.

    • Thank you so much no one really understands the situation that happened & I appreciate you saying positive things it hurts getting on here & seeing the things people are saying about us & weren’t even around

  4. I agree with you Johnny. Mama Dee you say it upsets you that people assume.. my comment was not made on assumption. I probably witnessed it better than anyone else because I saw the entire events that lead up to and after. I literally saw the black cars tires on all 4s facing the sky and the silver car being propelled into the air behind me. I understand that it can be hard to go through something like that especially if you know someone who was injured, but witnessing the erratic driving that lead up to this event upsets me. I was so shaken up and was greatful my baby was not with me. The only reason the black car caught my attention was because it was stopped traffic that started to go where the black car was weaving in and out of at at least 5X the speed of the cars around them. They endangered the lives of everyone else around them at 10 am where there was literally NO REASON to be going that fast. I’m glad everyone survived

  5. No disrespect? Are you serious? Either speed was involved, or someone was really careless and endangered the lives of everyone around them. I waste no energy on empathy here. Slow the heck down and pay attention

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