Antioch: Driver Late for School Clocked at 91-MPH on Somersvile Road

Photo by Antioch Police

The Antioch Police Department reported that the traffic unit on Thursday morning clocked an 18-year-old driver who was traveling 91-mph down Somersville Road. The speed limit is 45-mph.

According to police, the driver said they were running late for school.

No other details were provided.

Information provided by Antioch Police


  1. Dude! Or dudette! It’s just college! Chill out and go to I hop or something and get some waffles; you’re late get over it. Set your alarm clock earlier. Seriously though, over twice the speed limit!? I hope the officer taught you a lesson. I was thinking jail but I forgot we don’t do that here anymore. Thanks Sac.!

    • Yip…not anymore in good old Demafornia. Hopefully they impounded the car for 30 days. $$$$

  2. Arse hole my kids are in that area some times, if you can’t think of your own life try to think how you could serious kill somebody.

    • Maybe you should watch your kids and not let them play in the streets. You must be a lazy ass ghetto mother waiting for something to happen so you can sue. I’m sure your kids at in that area when you are scoring some crack rocks.

  3. You will end up dead or causing someone else’s death just like the kids from a few weeks ago in Antioch! Parents, talk to your kids or face the ultimate tragic consequences! Again, parents not communicating with their kids. One lost life is one too many! This is very preventable.

    • That reminds me of the other day in my neighborhood, I’m walking my dog and 4 year old and somebody comes ripping around the corner while I was talking to a neighbor. I was almost home but on another street. Guess what? They turned and went down my street. Guess what? The A-hole was at a house across from mine and 1 down- I’m cool with the neighbor but in this situation I went over there all torqued up. I mean, I was pissed, there was no way said person could have stopped in time if heaven forbid anybody- my kid, my dog, anybody- went into the street. It was dusk as well.
      So, I go over to my neighbor, who was outside and I was livid. Neighbor was very apologetic for the person, and I had to apologize to my neighbor the next day, I was a bit out of line. Situation was diffused but guess what? It was some kid/ friend of the son or daugter (teenager) that was driving like that. Guess what again? The daughter at this houses’ BEST FRIEND was the girl killed on lone tree just the week before. SMH.

      • You were not out-of-line! The idiot who drove irresponsibly was out-of-line. I would have laid into that neighbor so hard they would not remember their own name. That kid could have killed or horribly maimed another person or a pet.

  4. PattyO I see your point and that just goes to show you and everybody else that kids and parents of these young kids just take things for granted even after a tragic loss of lives of young kids. All we can do continue shake our heads and say, really? These kids these days really think they’re invincible. Time to bring back the old “can of whoop ass” to these kids that think that way. It all starts at home and upbringing. PattyO I think most people would have done what you did by speaking to your neighbor about driving safe in your neighborhood.

  5. For going 91-MPH in a 45-MPH zone, the driver should have been arrested and car impounded. As an 18-year old, name should be posted as well. I can’t see an insurance company being okay with this type of driving.

  6. Im sure we can all remember when we were 18 and young and dumb before. Those calling for jail time are idiots. Yeah the driver made a dumb mistake and could have ended his or life along with someone else. Dont act like half you people commenting dont go over 65 on the freeway.

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