Antioch Chamber to Host State of the City Event on May 26


The Antioch Chamber of Commerce announced it will host the 2017 State of the City event on Friday, May 26.

The event will occur at the Antioch Community Center located at Prewett Park (4701 Lone Tree Way) from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm.

Accomplishments/Goals/Visions Presented by:

  • Interim Chief of Police Tammany Brooks
  • City Manager Ron Bernal
  • Mayor Sean Wright

The cost for the event is $20 per person, which includes lunch.

RSVP is Required – Click Here to Register

Sponsorship opportunities available:
Event Sponsor – $1,000, Title Sponsor – $2,500.

Please call the Chamber of Commerce at 925.757.1800 to take advantage of this opportunity.



  1. Just a thought, our mayor fires the city manager, costing the city a TON of money when all he had to do was be an adult and wait a few more months. That aside, with our tax dollars, we pay for those three men, we pay for the electricity of the community center, and we the people of the city own the community center. These men are going to inform us on the “State of the City”, which is public information. All that said (except for the mayor firing the manager), it should be illegal to make us pay to attend this event. By the way, this is in the middle of a work day! They are on the clock! Just wrong mayor wright, you should have never approved this.

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