Antioch Celebrates Addition of 85 New, Permanently Affordable Homes for Seniors, Veterans and Disabled


Tabora Gardens Senior Apartments is one of the first communities in the state to provide permanent, affordable housing for veterans with assistance from the HCD Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention Program.

Antioch, CA — On Wednesday, June 6, Satellite Affordable Housing Associates (SAHA) will celebrate the Grand Opening of Tabora Gardens Senior Apartments –  85 affordable homes for veterans, seniors, and people with special needs. 33 homes will be set-aside for veterans, 12 of which will be formerly chronically homeless.

Tabora Gardens Senior Apartments provides a solution to a growing need for affordable housing for California’s veterans, and is part of Contra Costa County’s Zero:2016 campaign to end veteran homelessness. According to the California Department of Veterans Affairs, California is home to nearly 1.8 million veterans, the largest veteran population in the nation. More than 15,500 California veterans experience homelessness on a given night, representing nearly 25 percent of the nation’s homeless veterans.

To qualify for housing at Tabora Gardens, new residents must have an income at or below 50% of the area median.

SAHA will provide a range of services to help residents thrive including a full-time Resident Services Coordinator, community programs and twice weekly bus transportation to recreational, shopping and medical destinations including the VA Outpatient Clinic in Martinez.  Veterans at Tabora Gardens will be supported by specialized on-site case management through SHELTER, Inc., a nonprofit organization working to prevent and end homelessness with veterans and other low-income people since 1986.  Choice in Aging, the region’s California Community Transitions (CCT) provider, will provide intensive independent living support to residents returning to independent living from skilled nursing or who are at high risk of institutionalization.

According to SAHA Executive Director Susan Friedland, “SAHA is proud to partner with the City of Antioch, Contra Costa County and others to address veteran homelessness in our state. Tabora Gardens will not only provide the high quality, affordable housing veterans deserve, but the access to programs and services tailored to meet their specific needs.  This combination of housing and services has been proven to help break the cycle of homelessness.”

Amenities include a community room with kitchen, an activity room with five computer stations, and an exercise room.  The community room opens to the central garden, with a meandering path, several seating areas, and wheelchair accessible vegetable planters in a sunny spot.

Ten percent of the units are fully handicap accessible (twice the legal UFAS requirement,) and the remainder adaptable.  The building includes a comprehensive array of sustainable building features including a cool roof, thick insulation, Energy STAR rated appliances, heat pump HVAC, photovoltaics, and solar hot water heating that reduces the amount of fuel needed to heat water by about 50%. Living rooms have ceiling fans to reduce the need to run the air conditioning in summer, and heat in winter. The building exceeds Title 24 State energy code by 22% due to the collective impact of these and other features.

Funding comes from the City of Antioch, Contra Costa County, Housing Authority of the County of Contra Costa, HCD Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Program, HCD Multifamily Housing Program, Raymond James Tax Credit Funds, Inc., California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, Wells Fargo Bank, HUD 811 Project Rental Assistance, HUD Continuum of Care, and Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

“Projects like Tabora Gardens are vital to ensuring that vulnerable members of our community, including many veterans, receive the services and support they need to stabilize their lives. We are proud to be a part of it,” said Lavonna Martin, Contra Costa Health Services’ Director of Health, Housing and Homeless Services.

Tabora Gardens Senior Apartments is designed by Pyatok Architects and built by Sunseri Construction, Inc.


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  1. This is great for everyone it aims to serve! But more info is needed.
    If the income requirement to rent is 50% or less of the median area income…how much is the median area income in dollars? Also what is the cost to rent an apartment?

  2. Bunch of freeloaders, asking for more handouts, living on the tax-payer dime. They need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and be successful. This is America, we don’t believe in charity or good will, only for the rich who deserve it.

    • You have an issue with helping old people and Veterans, but what about all the lazy people on EBT and section 8?? Those ducking losers are at Starbucks with their EBT cards buying $7 drinks on taxpayers dimes

      • The poster before you had no intention of understanding the real purpose or benefit of the services provided by this project. However, I am also sick of underinformed comments about people with EBT cards. When I was unemployed, I had an EBT card. It was paid for with MY hardworking dollars all the years I WORKED and paid into the unemployment fund, and it was not very much! You try living on less than $200 per week, paying for food and mortgage and everything else for two people, and getting some of that taken away with taxes or any time you get any kind of work, even just for a day at minimum wage. Do you even know how the system really works? Please do your research before you criticize and place a whole group of people in one ugly, jaded basket.

        • First off, work hard and save your money, Ive never asked for a dime from the State or anybody, Ive worked since I was 8, I own 2 houses and have 2 newer cars, oh and guess what Ahole, i never even finished high school……..Second, read what I said, Im referring to the losers that spend it on a $7 starbucks drink that will last them 10 minites, you can buy a bag of coffee that will last you 2 weeks with $7……Im sure there are a handul of legit people on EBT, but 99.999999% of you are lazy azz people and you’re draining our system.

          • You never finished high school, and you’re calling other people losers? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Oh shut up! Some people are so damn miserable, cant be happy for nobody. Its always me, me, me. My tax dollars, my country. Stfu. Debbie Downer

    • I have one question for you… What have you done for your Country???? Let me tell you something, I have worked hard my entire life and I’m proud to have had the privilege to serve this Country in the Army, and I would do it all over again. I am now a 100% disabled Army Vet, because I was injured while serving and have had to undergo multiple surgeries that have failed. Even though I live with constant pain, you wouldn’t know it unless you were close to me. How dare you call a Military Vet a freeloader. Until you have walked in the shoes of a disabled vet you have no right to judge us!!! Yes, I get a monthly income from the V.A. and social security, but I paid dearly for it with my body, and if I had to do it all over again, I WOULD!!!! No I’m not a homeless vet, I own my house, but I understand those vets who are homeless. They suffer with wounds that are unseen having been traumatized with the after effects of combat, something you could never comprehend. So thank a vet instead of criticizing them.

      • I don’t give a damn about our vets, they are the equivalent of fast food workers who also take advantage of the system. Most people don’t join the military because they are smart, it’s mostly because they have no idea what they wanna do. Most join for the benefits or the G.I. Bill and to get a camaro. Anyone can die for a fake cause.

      • If you’re in constant pain, then there is a remedy. Forget surgeries! Go find a good acupuncturist …. NOT in Antioch or anywhere near there … but in cities like Walnut Creek or Lafayette. My veteran grandmother did. It’s amazing how much better you will feel. You’ll feel like a new woman. Try it!

    • Kristoff: Not everyone is a freeloader. What about the Vet working at the VA working for minimum wage? Can they afford the 1700 to 2000 a month rent in Antioch? I think not. As with all special needs programs a few bad apples in the barrel ruin the whole crop. And to the Captain: its not that you don’t give a dam about vets, sounds like you don’t give a dam about much. You must have a right hand seat next to Gods throne. . Why not take advantage of serving your country in exchange for education………… better to be doing that than sitting in your fancy chair next to God being an A-s. And what’s wrong with fast food workers, they don’t have the same status as you and your all mighty existence? You really must be a special person.

  3. Of course Boo Hoo is remaining anonymous. Im sure you dont want your friends to know how ignorant you think. You are so judgmental and stereotypical. Some people dont have the opportunities that others do. This place is also for the disabled and for our veterans that went over and put their own lives in danger while ur ass is benefiting and living in this country freely. Your lazy scary ass probably hasnt even signed up for anything that pertains to fighting for this country but is saying that these veterans are freeloaders. You disgust me.

    • You obviously cant fuking read…..the BOO HOO was a response to the guy above…please know what the duk your taking about, before you take shots at me…..You dont know sh it about my military status or who I know or dont know, so why dont you and Melanie both stfu……and trust me, you dont want any of this….so move along and beat it.

  4. Thats right i never finished high school, I never said i didnt get my GED …..if im a loser for owning 2 houses and having 2 newer cars and owning my own business, then i will gladly be labeled a loser……..Dont be a jealous bit ch and stfu, Thanks

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