Antioch ARCO Gas Station Robbed Wednesday Night



Around 8:00 pm Wednesday night, a man entered the ARCO station on Contra Loma Blvd. and Buchanan Road with a mask and robbed the  place using a gun. He ran out with just under $1,000 and fled.  Police responded within a minute of being dispatched, but the suspect escaped.

Police just missed the suspect as an observer called 9-1-1 upon seeing a man putting on a mask and pulling a gun behind the ARCO station. Before it was relayed to police, the robbery had occurred.

Police searched Buchanan, Contra Loma and Fitzuren Road but came up empty in the search as they were looking for a black male with a white hoody with black graphics who was between 5’6’’ to 5’7’’.

No one was injured in the incident, however, it did close the gas stations store for a while as police investigated. Drivers were able to get gas using their debit cards.

If you have any information about last night’s incident, contact the Antioch Police Department.


  1. Thanks Mike, I live right around the corner and had not heard! That isn’t the first time or even the second. Glad no one was hurt and thanks to the tipster!

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